We’ve had several aspects to do with Mercury this week, the planet of the mind, cognition, communication and expression.

Mercury met with the sun earlier this week; and this forms the middle point of Mercury’s journey in retrograde motion. This is the point where we can start to get some clarity on the things that are blocking us. We won’t fully know yet, but signs of the way ahead start to emerge.
Mercury still has a ways to go, it will enter Aquarius soon and turn direct in that sign. So the Aquarius flavor will play out for a long time. We will be given an opportunity to expand our ability to vision a much bigger picture for our lives. So the story is not over yet.

Waxing crescent with Venus

Then we had Venus and the waxing crescent moon meet up in Aries (pic above). At this point Venus reached the 3rd eye chakra on Inanna’s ascent from the underworld. Here Inanna is regaining her capacity to vision and see very clearly her path ahead. Another chance to tune in deeply about what we want.

Mercury was sextile Uranus yesterday, giving us access in a gentle way to out of the box insights and ways of doing things.

In summary, Mercury slowing down with all these transits happening is giving us an opportunity to stop doing things the way we usually do and look for newer more aligned paths.

The way all this has played out for me personally, is that I’ve had to slow down way more than I’m used to. I’ve not been able to take in any more new information. Usually I can absorb new material and mentally multi-task very easily. But the past week, I’ve needed a LOT of rest. So I handled it in the ways that I know work for me—allow for more sleep, spend a day in solitude where for the most part I didn’t talk to anyone, and spend a lot of time in nature, some alone and some with my family. And some clarity did emerge.
What I got was that I’ve been through much much internal transformation in recent months. This is a period to allow that to integrate. Not take in any more new stuff. Not sign up for new things. Not start new projects. But stop, rest and integrate. And give myself the gift of arriving to my new self! So I’ve been meditating using sound and creativity and spending time with the Earth.
This weekend the moon is in Taurus, a very grounded Earth sign, an ideal time to spend paying attention to the physical things in our lives and attending to the body and its needs and desires.

If you would like to understand how this Mercury Retrograde period affects you, I invite you to book a reading with me here. My readings empower you to nurture your own potential and work through every transit consciously and with intention!

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