Getting Ready to Brave the Unknown

This is such an unprecedented time. The Covid-19 story keeps unfolding, bringing up newer and newer situations for us to deal with.

Jupiter & Mars meet Pluto in the underworld:
Jupiter approaches Pluto and deepens our journey into the depths of the unknown. This for sure brings up the fear and deep desire to maintain control of our lives. This week Mars also meets with Jupiter, and our actions and drive will be very much focused on dealing with braving the unknown. Watch out for tempers rising as we all walk this new path. We really don’t know how this will play out. Pluto is asking us to now surrender to the discomfort of not knowing; of going with the flow. Of developing the deep trust in ourselves that we can and will get through this even if we don’t know how. That there is treasure to be found even in the depths of this unknown.

Moon’s journey:
The moon this week goes from Sagittarius through Capricorn through Aquarius.  During this time our emotions will feel this energy, as Sagittarius can expand the rumors and it’s hard to differentiate between what’s truth and just fear and doubt being propagated. Judgments can rise too, as we see others reacting in ways we might not ourselves. Be very kind to yourself and those around you during this time. Then moon visits Capricorn (Mach 17th/18th/19th), the south node, and activating the Saturn-Pluto point yet again, with Jupiter/Mars/Pluto and Saturn. Energy Alert! This 3-day period can be very emotional, but is a powerhouse of energy to blast us through the gunk! Just remember that when moon goes over Capricorn, its yet another big opportunity to let go of what is not working our lives. Moon is like a transmitter, transmitting the energies of the planets it touches. Big karmic patterns are coming to an end collectively. So be very very present and mindful during this period.

Saturn inching closer to Aquarius, restricting our freedom:
Saturn, the disciplined parent, the taskmaster, the headmaster, telling us humans to get our act together. It is temporarily restricting our freedom we have taken so very much for granted. Asking us to pause and consider the state we find ourselves in. To take responsibility for the situations we are now facing collectively and personally and take responsible action going forward. Saturn will soon square Uranus in Taurus, and this brings the element of chaos into the picture, radically new situations we find ourselves in, to awaken us out of our collective stupor.

The gift in the pause:
One of the many recommendations for navigating this unknown has been social distancing and working from home. The pause this brings to our life is a gift. We are being asked to evaluate our lives in its entirety and make changes now.

My free gift this year, 20 steps to navigating the life-changing astrology of 2020, starts with ‘Letting Go’. I’ve been so convinced that we really need to be proactive about letting go of the useless stuff in our lives—our addiction to doing, our emotional baggage, our physical items that we hold onto long after its expiration date…the more stuff we carry around, the more that we need to take care of that doesn’t really feed us, the harder it is to deal with unpredictable change.
Simplifying our lives is a must if we are to navigate effectively with grace during these surprising times, and more importantly, to receive the gift in this!! Yes, there is a huge gift we are being given. Another chance to clean up our act. So pause now, go inwards and ask yourself what do you really really want in your life this year? And what are you ready to let go off to have this?

Stay safe, with love,


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