Need for Balance-Equinox Update

How are you doing?
Things have changed so drastically in just a few days.
I hope you are safe and your loved ones too, and that you have everything you need to ride this out.

I’ve been at home with my family, and to be frank, very grateful for this pause. My husband & I have been able to work from home, and kids have spring break although schools are going to be closed for the next several weeks. I take my kids out for long walks every evening. With the beautiful spring weather here in Austin and wildflowers blooming, that’s been such a gift.

The coming week has major planetary transits occurring and I want to give you a heads up about what this energy is like and how to work with it. Especially at a time like this when things are unpredictable, its very helpful to understand the astrology coming up because it gives us a sense of what we as humans are meant to do; see the bigger picture even as we deal with the 3d issues in life.

March 19th starts off with the Equinox. A major astrological point, signifying the new astrological year, equinox is an ideal time to set an intention for balance in our lives.
March 20th: Mars conjunct Jupiter at nearly the same point of the Saturn Pluto conjunction.
Mar 21st: Saturn enters Aquarius for the 1st time in 30 years.
March 22nd: Mars conjunct Pluto
March 24th: New Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron.

What does all of this mean?
With Mars conjunct Jupiter at the Saturn Pluto point, the collapse of global structures continues. Pluto is asking us to let go of our attachments to how things used to be.
Jupiter is expanding that deconstruction and intensifying the fear, uncertainty and chaos. Watch out for what you are focusing on in your life, because whatever you don’t want can be expanded too. Of course, this does not mean that you put on a false positive appearance. Honoring our feelings are a must for us to move ahead. But you also want to keep the big picture in mind and not let negativity go unchecked.
Mars meeting Jupiter at this point hours after the exact Equinox is giving us a chance to initiate a new response to bring back balance into our life. What empowered action can we take at this point?
Saturn entering Aquarius is restricting our freedom temporarily, asking us to pause and take responsibility for what we have collectively created. Saturn has a contracting effect. This is not the time to break rules or test limits especially as it relates to your body and health. Take all necessary precautions you need to keep yourself and your family safe. Aquarius is the most expanded Air sign, representing the mental realm. Saturn is asking us to take responsibility for our thoughts and be mindful of our actions going ahead.
Then Mars meets with Pluto, allowing us to bravely face our fears and anxiety and move ahead in an empowered way.
Finally, the new moon in Aries conjunct Chiron invokes the warriors of healing and peace! This is a brand new cycle starting and we will meet our opportunities to heal as we go ahead.

How to handle this?

  1. Watch your energy; how is this precious resource, your energy being spent these days? You might be dealing with very new situations in your life. Its best to be mindful that it is being spent wisely.
  2. Nurture yourself. This powerful time of pause is a gift to help us find balance in our lives. The astro transits this year have been unrelenting and we are really feeling the need for deep restoration before we start to rebuild our lives.
  3. Watch where your mental focus is. Our thoughts and feelings can spiral out of control. Use your thoughts with precision to create your vision for going ahead.
  4. Get in touch with your deepest values. For many, much of the old way of being is coming to an end and much loss is being faced. This is an excellent time to evaluate what you really value in your life and to plan to incorporate more of that.
  5. Finally, make your actions count. Get clear on what you do have control over. Do the things that really really matter in these unusual times. How can we infuse our actions with care, compassion and kindness, yet show strength to move ahead in an empowered way?

Stay safe,


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