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Hope this new moon today finds you well and healthy and at peace despite what’s unfolding.
The astrological intensity continues with Mars just having met Pluto and the Aries New Moon today.
This is something you want to use mindfully as it can give you a tremendous source of energy to start something new as Action (Mars) meets Power (Pluto). Or it could end up in volatility if the shadow side is invoked if anger (Mars) meets control (Pluto).
A question came up in the Activate Your Power FB group on what to do if the shadow side shows up.
That is, if negative emotions like anger and control are coming up. The thing to remember here is that with Pluto, hidden feelings will be dug up from the deep. Whether you are someone who normally feels anger or not, these feelings can come up and are completely normal, especially during times like the ones we are living through.
It’s very very important to honor those feelings and allow yourself to feel the full range of them safely. My go to method for expressing anger is Tapping or emotional freedom techniques – I will allow myself to feel it all in privacy and safety (don’t do it while you’re driving a car or about too for eg). Even tapping in small bursts can help relieve the emotions and allow energy to flow more easily. Once the emotional charge is taken care of, tune in deeply to see what next action you need to take.

Aries New Moon:
We have the new moon in Aries today, and we are being called to action. The essence of Aries is pioneering a new path, having the courage to lead with the heart, owning your power and committing to a purpose. But the moon also squares the nodes and conjuncts Chiron, which would show up as a knowing that the past is done with but a huge hesitancy to move ahead because the new path brings up all kinds of discomfort.

Resources to help you during this time:
1. You are invited to join this Free Activate Your Power Facebook group: I discuss daily astro energies and how to work with them.
2. SALE on Astrology Natal Chart readings ($100) and Mini-readings ($50). Chart readings can provide immense clarity during times of change and my readings empower you to take charge of your life.
3. Free PDF 20 steps to navigating the life-changing astrology of 2020. I de-mystify the Astrology of 2020 and give you practical steps to take to move throughout the year with grace and ease.
4. New program called Power of Balance to help you find balance & calm during times of transition and change, using your personal astrology and a groundbreaking new way of looking at balance. I’ve been offering this only to my private clients so far but I feel is essential for anyone who is leading/coaching/mentoring others or in a position of taking care of or holding space for others. Details coming soon.

Sending you tremendous love to go through this time with courage, compassion, love and peace.

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