Using Astrology to empower you during this time of change

I hope this weekend finds you healthy and well.

I’ve put together some resources to help empower you during this time. In my own life, Astrology came out of  the blue and gave me a completely different soul level perspective of the challenges I was going through. As I studied my natal chart, I was guided to many resources to help me deal with the challenges.
I’ve put together some resources here you can work with, to make sense of this in your own life and to show you how there may be a huge gift in this time.

Free Facebook group support:
I’ve created a new free Facebook group where I am in daily to give updates on the astro energies and how to work with them. I’m also sharing videos on the different transits affecting humanity at this time. You can join up here.

Sale on Astrology Natal Chart and Solar return readings:
Times of change and transition can bring up so much pain and fear and doubt.My readings empower you to take charge of your life.I’m offering a sale on both my the readings I offer.
– Mini-reading: Solar Return Chart readings (Now 50 USD, original 60 USD) that focus on themes and major transits for the next 1 year. 
– Full Natal Chart reading + Transits for next 1 year: 1.5 hr chart reading (Now 100USD, original 150 USD).
The reading will help you with:
– How to energize and nurture yourself during this time of change.
– Your style of communication and how to communicate effectively so you are in integrity with yourself
– Clarity on your values and desires, and motivation for taking action on your desires
– Understand how you could be sabotaging yourself
– Major transits affecting you and their intent.
– Practical strategies to work consciously with the transits
Free Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle reading along with either of the chart readings. This can offer tremendous insight and wisdom into your current situation.
 If you would like some support on figuring how the next year looks for you and what transits are activating your chart, reach out to me; simply connect HERE.

Here is what Santhosh from USA said about a recent reading he received from me:

I was very stunned to see how much astrology and the planets are closely related to our life and what we are as a human being. Swati has a deep understanding on what astrology is and she explains it in a beautiful way and also touches on a lot of points with her personal experience. She also records and give us notes of sessions so it’s convenient to read any time. I was shocked that she was able to tell many things most accurately on what is happening in my life. I highly recommend everyone to take a session with her and learn about astrology.

Download your free gift 20 steps to navigating the life-changing astrology of 2020!
In this handy FREE 27 page PDF, I’ve de-mystified the phenomenal astrology of 2020 to help empower your life in this year and beyond! You will receive practical steps to take to move throughout the year with grace and ease. Sign up here for instant download.

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