Allowing Ourselves to Feel the Loss

There is a lot going on in the cosmos.

Pluto turned retrograde yesterday till Oct 4th 2020. Its pausing to go deep into the themes that have come up for change, particularly since January of this year.During its Rx journey, it will go over the Saturn/Pluto (22 Capricorn) and Jupiter/Pluto (24 Capricorn) conjunction points 2 times, so you might see some repetition of what came up for you previously. This is an excellent opportunity to bring to an end something that is reaching its expiration date, forever. It does require courage to face the things that are dying within us. But that is one of the deeper reasons behind the shift that humanity is going through now. To give us the energy to change the direction we are going towards a much better place. As part of this, allow yourself to feel the feelings of loss and sadness coming up as you see how things have changed and the work lying ahead. Acknowledging the grief is part of Pluto’s work to clear the old, so we can move ahead without the heaviness. This requires us to surrender to this process of change.

Yesterday we also has Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus, and Mercury enters Taurus today. This energy can help us to break old patterns and get revolutionary new ideas, so if you get crazy insights into your life situations, write those down, there is some meaning to it!

Venus met with the Moon yesterday, nearing the end of her journey as Libra Meta Goddess. If you can catch Venus in the night sky with the crescent moon, its a sight worth watching and tuning into. – What has changed for you since Oct 2018 in terms of relationships-how you relate to yourself and others? – What gifts do you see this cycle has brought you?

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