Wisdom from the Air element

Like all of you, I’ve been juggling many things in the past few weeks as the lockdown as progressed. My family schedules are all over the place. But one thing we have done consistently is go out for walks and bike rides in the evening and play Frisbee!! And suffice to say, my Frisbee throwing and catching skills have improved greatly over the past 6 weeks 😊

And, I’ve been observing the element of Air and the wisdom it shares, as I play..
Sometimes even a tiny gust of wind moves the Frisbee in a completely different direction than I had panned..
Sometimes it’s like a trickster, the Frisbee gliding in multiple different directions before it falls to the ground

And it made me realize that Air representing the mental realm, this behavior is so similar to our thoughts…we may have an intention of going somewhere…and then we have a random thought that totally throws us off course..tricking us to be a certain way, when we really want something else for ourselves.

A lot of the major transits so far have occurred with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, which is the physical realm, breaking down of structures..But now we are starting to see the Air realm coming into the picture, with Saturn in Aquarius(Air sign) and soon Venus and North Node to start brand new almost 2 year cycles in the sign of Gemini (Air sign). This is significant for paving the way ahead.

What does this mean? It means that now that structures are coming down, they will need to be rebuilt, but we must invoke Air tools like Vision, Intention, Focus, right thoughts and ideas and insights. It may not be time to rebuild yet, but when we do, its important to build from a  place of a strong desired vision than doing things by default.

LAST day of Sale on readings!
This year 2020 is like a void. What we seed into it is what will grow in the years beyond as Jupiter meets Saturn at the end of the year in Aquarius. Chart readings can provide much clarity during times of change.
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