Scorpio Full Moon

We are in the Scorpio Full moon window already.
Full moons happen when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in the sky. With the moon in the sign of Scorpio we have the Sun in Taurus. Full moons are culmination points, bringing something to an end.
Thursday’s full moon in Scorpio packs a punch. Not only is the moon opposing the Sun, but it also opposes Uranus in Taurus before becoming full and that adds a sense of urgency around making a radical change in our lives and just finally throw off the shackles that bind us.
Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio are making us super aware of our values and desires. And the absence of our living by them. This can make us feel very frustrated especially as Uranus opposes the moon. So it can be an explosive period, where you just finally give in to the strong emotions rising to the surface. The highest purpose of this transit is to allow us to release what is not allowing us to live by our highest values and ensure that any new commitment we make is balancing those desires.

The North Node also changes from Cancer to Gemini & South Node from Capricorn to Sagittarius, which is a major shift in energy and we are in the period before 3 planets go retrograde next week, so a lot of shifts in the air and this could get overwhelming. Go through this week with utmost care. Its time to look at what you really want in life, and take responsibility for going after that desire with commitment.
Be prepared for a breakthrough from old emotional baggage that is preventing you from feeling deeply what you are passionate about. Full moon is wanting us to really feel the passion in our lives and be in tune with our deepest desires.
Scorpio is a water sign, Taurus is an earth sign. This water earth combination is really great at helping us to create and manifest things in our life. Scorpio (Water) can help you feel the desire and Taurus (Earth) shows you how to take the steps to implement that desire and bring it to reality.

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