It’s time to clear the Air

The astrological natal chart is a map of who you are meant to be.
The greatest gift I’ve received from Astrology has been the permission to be unapologetically ME and its shown me exactly HOW to be me, by studying my natal chart.
As a result, I have such CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY on who I am meant to be, its shocking even to me!
The chart contains clues your soul has provided to consciously create this life and indicates your soul’s intent for this life. It is not enough just to know what the sign is about. Nor is it enough to just know what your Sun sign is–that is a just a teeny tiny part of who you really are!
It’s with this in mind that I am creating the Freedom To Be You series, Exploring the Zodiac!

This series de-mystifies & awakens each zodiac sign within you in simple and practical ways. Embodying the sign you have planets in, is a direct way of working with your chart to awaken qualities that your soul intends to embody, so you can be YOU! No more feeling like a fraud!

The 1st sign is available for purchase for an introductory price of $20 and it’s Scorpio!

If you have big Scorpio in your chart (Any Planet, Ascendant, Nodes), then this will help you:

  • Understand what are the 3 Superpowers of Scorpio that will help you to BE this sign & its INCREDIBLE potential,
  • What shadows to watch out for that can certainly get in the way of realizing this potential
  • Fun activities to start exploring this energy to embody it and BE the passion that it stands for!

You can get more details here:

Energy this week:
A lot of changes are happening in the cosmos related to the Air element.
Air represents the mental realm, our thoughts, perceptions, ideas, visions, how we communicate and express.
All this is coming up for BIG review in the next few months.

The nodes have moved to Gemini (Air sign)/Sagittarius (Fire sign).
You might feel this Air/Fire combination as a lot of incoming mental stimulation that can sometimes get very overwhelming. An undesirable way this energy can show up is the tendency to expand to the next shiny thing instead of focusing on completing what you have.
It is time to take steps to remove distractions and start doing an inventory of all the stuff you are signed up for and come up with a plan to bring things to completion, rather than opening up more threads.
Saturn just turned retrograde in Aquarius (air sign) till Sep 2020 and that can help us to hone in on our vision and focus on slowing down and dig deep.

 Venus in Gemini turned retrograde this morning till June 25th.
However, she will play out Gemini energies for the next 19 months. So if you have active Gemini in your chart, this is a very big opening for you (the next 19 mos).
Important questions to ponder on during this time:

·         What does your heart really really want?

·         How do you really relate to your own self?

·         How do you relate to others?

·         How do you relate to your inner child?

·         What is your relationship with your own creative nature and abilities? The above offering on Scorpio, the sign of passion & creativity, talks about what can block your creativity and how to dissolve the blocks so you can express yourself with ease (which is the hallmark of Gemini!).

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