Call of the Divine Feminine

At this time of great change, is the Divine Feminine calling to you?
Are you feeling the void that we are in has all possibilities present and some wisdom deep inside asking you to pay attention to your choices?
At the time of this writing, we have 4 planets Retrograde (Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter).
Venus, the planet that represents Divine Feminine qualities within us and in the collective, being retrograde in Gemini adds a layer of complexity to the Rx of the other 3 planets which go retrograde every year, because she does so only once in 2 years.
This is a time of deep introspection, of removing distractions and tuning into our deepest values.

The Venus Cycle has great implications for all of us. I’ll share about the Venus Cycle in multiple posts.
Here is Day 1:
One of my very first experiences with Astrology, starting in June of 2015, was working with the Venus synodic cycle. I didn’t know then what it was, but an inexplicable curiosity led me to explore it. I have my moon in Gemini, which means I’m very curious and tend to follow my intuition a lot, and something told me that this was very important even though I had no idea about Astrology at the time!

During that time, I learnt about Innana’s descent into the underworld and her ascent. Now if you are not familiar with this story, let me give you a quick summary. This story shows up in multiple cultures, and is told in many is one very briefly:

Inanna, is Queen of heaven and Earth and has a twin sister Ereshkigal who is Queen of the underworld. When her sister’s husband dies, Inanna prepares to visit her sister in the underworld. But on her way down, she has to pass through 7 gates and surrender something at each gate. The gates in the story are symbolic of our 7 chakras, and the symbolism here is that on the way to the underworld we release blocks related to that chakra. Now when Innana reaches the underworld, she meets her sister, her grief and anger. Again this is symbolic, as she is meeting herself in a way.

She then dies and the story goes on to reveal how she is reborn and continues her journey through the gates, reclaiming what she had lost at each gate. This is really a story of death and rebirth, dying to the old so we can birth our new self. Dying to who we think we are so we can be reborn to who we are meant to be.

For me in 2015, this concept of death and rebirth was very new and I didn’t really understand it, as I was just entering what would be a very long Pluto underworld cycle..

Question for you: I’d love to hear your experiences with death and rebirth cycles in your life..Did you know going in that things would change? or did it come as a surprise/shock as you went through it? Or was it only when it ended did you realize what a butterfly you had become? 🙂

More to come on Day 2!

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