Call of the Divine Feminine Day 3

Today we continue the journey with Venus in the Aries Cycle and then the Libra cycle, the current cycle she is in (See part 1 and part 2 of the story). As you read through it, sense into what resonates for you and what shifted for you during those cycles.

Aries Cycle (March 2017 to Oct 2018): The essence of Aries is courage, to pursue something new, personal power, developing your own identity.

And it was here where I moved through the biggest block of my life, the courage to drive a car. This seemingly very small thing stopped me every time I stepped into the driver’s seat. Of course it was a karmic thing. I wasn’t taking ownership of being in the driver’s seat of my life 😊 There was intense fear there. And I knew I had Chiron here in the 3rd house, which means past life wound related to owning my power around expression/voice/movement. No wonder it stopped me in my tracks for almost 40 years. But, because of the work I did during the Leo cycle, I had enough love & compassion for myself to support myself to move through this dark spot.

Moving through this block, allowed me to try many many new things, including reclaiming my creativity, love for painting which directly started to heal my voice, my expression. It was in the later half of this cycle (when Venus was ascending reclaiming her gifts) that I came across another great teacher to start to strengthen my voice, in the form of Dominique Oyston from the Goddess Voice Academy.

At the end of this cycle, I created this painting, as deep gratitude for the immense gifts received, at each of the 7 gates (7 gifts for the 7 chakras – Courage, Joy of Painting, Inner Power, Compassion, Soul Expression, Vision, Divine Connection).

Now from a position of a strong sense of personal power, and embodying my self-worth, I entered the Libra cycle of Venus in Nov 2018.Libra Cycle (Nov 2018-Jun 2020): Libra is all about balanced relationships, conscious equal partnerships, collaboration with other people that come from a place of balanced power on both sides.

This is when I started to expand my relationships, started to create my community, expanding my work with astrology and making some beautiful connections along the way. I have Pluto in Libra in my natal chart, and it’s in this cycle that I started to seriously develop my skills to go deep (Pluto) in my coaching relationships, to go beyond the surface level of issues that folks face, dive deep into their natal chart and honestly look at karmic issues (Pluto) from a view of empowering them to shift old patterns. And all the while, doing my own inner work to shift old karmic patterns of fear around intimacy in relationships (shadow of Pluto in Libra).

So you can see how each of these cycles are built on the previous, bringing with it the gifts and mastery attained in the previous, to allow new gifts to emerge.

As the Libra cycle of Venus comes to a close, I am so thankful for the gifts of relationship & community it has brought me as well as what I feel is going to be my life’s work, the Power of Balance program. Throughout this, working with the divine feminine energy through Venus, my sense of identity has strengthened, and my sense of purpose has solidified.

Think back to what’s transpired for you in the past 18 months. How is life different today for you than what it was at the start of the cycle, in Nov 2018?Tomorrow we will talk about the new cycle of Venus that will commence in June 2020, in the sign of Gemini!

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