Call of the Divine Feminine Day 2

In my last post, I talked about the Venus cycle, Inanna’s Descent and that it is a cycle of death and rebirth.

Now, this story of Inanna, is actually modeled after the planet Venus in the sky and her journey around the sun (Synodic cycle). The planet Venus, in our charts, represents the Divine Feminine within each of us. She takes 19 months to go around the sun, and each 19 month cycle has 3 phases-when she is morning star (descent), when she is with the sun (underworld phase) and when she is evening star (ascent).
Venus meets the moon each month, and this meeting represents the gates or chakras in Inanna’s story.

The sign Venus is when she starts her journey as Morning star, represents the overtone or the sign which had prominence for the next 19 mos.
The last 3 cycles have been in Leo, Aries & Libra. Which means, when she emerged as the Morning star, she was in these signs.
So even though she moves from sign to sign every month or so, the 1st sign she emerges in, is super important and being played out in the collective for her entire 19-month cycle.

If you have planets in these signs, irrespective of your natal Venus, then that cycle holds personal significance for you. And I’ve found personally that working with this cycle in a conscious way, especially if you have that sign active in your chart is life changing. So think back to what has shifted for you in these 3 cycles – Do you have planets/nodes/angles in these?
Leo: July 2015 to Feb 2017
Aries: March 2017 to Oct 2018
Libra: Nov 2018 to June 2020

I’d love to illustrate this through my personal story.
The 1st Venus cycle I started working with, was the Leo cycle. It was very personal for me, as in my birth chart, my natal Venus overtone is Leo, I was turning 40 in that cycle, and I have Saturn in Leo, so this was a very important cycle for me. Saturn being activated by Venus??! I better pay attention! It was only 19 months later when the cycle ended exactly on my birthday did I realize the significance.

You see, the sign of Leo is all about radical radiant self-love..and in that cycle I had “randomly” signed up for a course called Self-Love Mastery which then became the foundation of what was to follow! By “randomly” I mean, I followed my gut instinct, like many many things I did in that cycle.

Saturn in Leo was telling me (although I didn’t really understand it then) that I need to take responsibility for all things Leo, for deeply loving myself, for becoming a shining light, for being courageous enough to follow the heart, for taking responsibility to lead in my relationships. But none of this is really possible, if I don’t truly love myself, all the parts, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. That self-love mastery course took me on a deep journey of the underworld, meeting my parts that I had suppressed, all the anger and grief I had ignored all these years.

When I emerged from that journey, I was a completely different person. I had shed layers and layers of emotional baggage, I had become really really good at supporting myself through every situation. Truly, self-love was becoming a way of being for me.

That is why when the cycle ended on my birthday, it was a crowning of sorts. I had completed a major chapter. The Divine Feminine was calling me to work with her in deeper ways – and she had just shown me, on my birthday, how important she is, how powerfully working with her could transform my life and bring me into alignment!

So when Venus started her next cycle in Aries, in March 2017, I took note, as I have stuff in Aries too – my South Node and Chiron – major past-life stuff! Wow, this was going to get interesting!!What happens when the Divine Feminine touches the past karmic stories in your chart and all the stuff you’ve pushed away because it was too painful (Chiron) to feel?
To be continued…

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