Five Key Steps to Navigate this Eclipse Season

We are entering a deeply transformational 4 week period. You might laugh at this and say, hasn’t the entire year been deeply transformational so far? Yes, it has, and it’s not letting up.

The eclipse period that has opened already, with the 1st on June 5th, are doorways, portals, windows into new dimensions, new ways of being.
There is no going back after this.

No matter how intense things are in your life right now, or not, you don’t need to be at the effect of these energies. You can walk through this doorway consciously & with awareness if you understand what it’s all about.

Here are 5 key steps to navigate this eclipse season with awareness and grace:

  1. Know your chart: Hands down the most important thing I consider is to know & be aware of where this eclipse falls in your chart. This particular one (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse) on June 5th is at 15 degrees Sagittarius (moon) and 15 degrees Gemini (sun). What houses are those for you will tell you what areas of your life are up for big change. Also, if there are other planets nearby,  then its adding more of an intense flavor of that planet to this time. Being conscious about this is essential to walking to this doorway without bringing in old default patterns. Also, think back to what happened in May 2002. Eclipses repeat patterns every 18 years and this will give you a hint as to what chapter is coming to a close or evolving to a new octave for you. Reach out to me a for reading here if you would are going through change and transition at this time. A chart reading can give you much clarity.
  2. Ground: This can be an intense time of overload of information, news, extreme beliefs, dogmas, exaggeration. The shadow of Gemini and Sag will be triggered so it’s important to first be discerning about what you are taking in and then ground all this excess energy. Sagittarius being a fire sign, will expand, the good and the bad. Move this excess energy in whatever way you need to. The air fire combination loves to move, so  dance & exercise & move your body.
  3. Engage in this eclipse consciously: meaning, honor the intent of this ritual personally. Honor the change that is coming up. Acknowledge what is being activated in your chart. This helps to anchor the change in a  more grounded way so you can receive the gift of this transit. Let go of what is coming to a completion, gratefully. If emotions come up, support yourself to release them, cry  & grieve if you need to. Movement like the one suggested above is really good too. Also, watching the sunrise and sunset, and being in the full moon are all good ways of infusing yourself with the energy of this eclipse.
  4. Solitude and nature: Minimize distractions during this time. It can be tend to be emotional so you want to give yourself space and time to process what is coming up for you. Simplify your life so it’s easy to make change. Spend time in nature and in solitude so you can see what patterns are coming to awareness.
  5. Compassion: finally this is an intense time for the collective as well. Have compassion for yourself and for the others in your life. Eclipse periods tend to be UNREAL times. Extreme for the purpose of shifting our reality in big ways. They are super charged full & new moons so the energetic intensity you may  be feeling could last a while. So navigate this time consciously, with care and kindness for all.

Also, the time period between the full moon lunar eclipse June 5th (release) and the new moon solar eclipse on the solstice June 21st (new beginning) is like a VOID! So please be very careful in how you manage the stuff showing up in your life during this time. What you are seeding will expand, so be conscious, be aware, be kind, take care of yourself.

Venus in Gemini journey: I am bringing together a wonderful group of women and men who are joining me in the new cycle of Venus in Gemini that starts in a few weeks. I feel this journey is essential for those who have planets/angles/nodes in Gemini as Gemini is going to play a HUGE role in rewriting our story, but is also ideal for ANYONE who is ready to experience more magic, fun and lightness in their life. If you are interested in this 9 month journey with me, connect with me here.

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