A New Cycle Begins

Venus emerged as the morning star this week, starting a brand new cycle in Gemini, for the next 19 months. Gemini is going on a trip to the underworld and back.
This painting I started a few weeks back to honor my journey through the Libra cycle is complete just in time as the new cycle begins.

As I was painting to synthesize my experiences in the past 19 months, this is what came to me:
My identity is changing. I’ve known this for a long while, but the process has been slow and clarity is coming bit by bit. I fully trust this process.
Guiding people through life-changing planetary transits is my soul work.
Showing them what the path ahead looks like, how to walk this path consciously and aware, how to be open & brave to not only let go of the old that is dissolving in their lives but be open & curious to the new that is coming, and showing them the highest essence of the transit, so they can be in alignment with their soul’s original intent for this life. This is my role. I feel it so deeply within the cells of my body.

How does this translate for you? if you are going through change and transition in your life, my role is to show you how to make the best of this time, to find the highest possible outcome from the change, while also honoring the change respectfully and deeply. For its how you handle the change that sets the tone of the new path for you.

For the past few months, I have been getting strong nudges from Venus in Gemini that has gotten stronger and stronger as the weeks went by. It was not something I had planned for my goals this year, but the message is so clear to me now, it needs to be said.
I am to go on this underworld Venus journey once again, work with this new Venus cycle consciously once again.
But this time, I am to take a few more souls along with me.
Those who are ready to uncover the highest aspects of Gemini within themselves – reclaiming the magic, fun, creativity and lightness in their life. It won’t necessarily be easy, as Gemini is one of the signs that finds it hardest to go into the underworld. But I am here to guide you there and back, for that is my role.
To give you hope, give you clarity, shine the light during a dark time so you can see the bigger picture of how this cycle is awakening a new soul aspect within you.

Who is this journey for?
– Those who have planets/angles/nodes Gemini in the chart OR
– If you are turning a multiple of 8 (Venus return in the next 2 years) OR
– You have planets/angles/nodes in Sagittarius in your chart (Venus aligns with the Nodes this time making the journey even more powerful) OR
– You have been through a lot of change already and are ready to reclaim the magic, fun, creativity and lightness in your life!

You will receive:
– a FULL natal chart reading, with focus on how this Venus cycle is impacting you and the intent
– A comprehensive Gemini Masterclass to thoroughly understand the essence and shadow of Gemini (June)
– We will meet one Saturday every month from July 2020 through February 2021. As Venus meets the moon every month, we will activate and awaken a quality of Gemini within you, using a power of the Air element. This will allow your expression and voice to be authentically you, and help in every aspect of your life, as blocks are removed.
– I will share with you the same practices that have allowed me to strengthen my own expression and creativity.
– You will receive handouts, recordings of the calls and be part of a private FB group.
Investment: $450 for the entire morning star journey (June 2020 to Feb 2021)
If you’ve had a reading done with me in the past 6 months, let me know, I have a special discounted rate for you!

Will you walk this path with me? It would be an honor to have you.

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