If I were to die today, would I have lived enough?

Today the moon is in Capricorn, the sign of integrity. Later tonight, the moon will peak to fullness, opposite the Cancer Sun at 13 degrees. This full moon also happens to be a lunar eclipse, the last of the 3 eclipses that started on June 5th.
So, it’s a major ending of sorts, or the beginning of an ending. Now all full moons are endings but with an eclipse the ending is more obvious.

Why the talk of death?
As morbid as it sounds, that’s the question I ask myself often, especially in the past few years as I’ve had Pluto (planet of death and rebirth) going over my Mercury and Mars in the 12th house of Capricorn.
We have a LOT of activity in Capricorn, with the moon being full, then meeting Pluto & Jupiter a few hours later, and then Saturn that has just re-entered Capricorn a few days back.
This transit is really asking us, are you living in integrity?
Are you living in integrity with your souls’ purpose?
Do you know what your soul came here to do in this incarnation?
Do you know what your soul promised?
And are you on the path to doing it?
How do you know you are not in alignment?
What do you need to let go off, so you can start being in alignment?

Saturn tells us to take responsibility for our life on earth.
Pluto eliminates what is not in integrity with our soul.
Jupiter magnifies the whole thing, making it too obvious to ignore.

This topic of integrity is very personal for me as Pluto transiting through Capricorn in my chart highlights everything that is NOT in integrity.
That is not true to me,
That I just don’t care for but still keep complying with, keep tolerating,
That is not aligned with what I deeply value.
A few years ago, I used to wake up with a feeling of deep discomfort, that I was living life on the surface.
That I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing, but what if I reached the end of my life and I had not done the things that my soul came here to do.
How do I even figure that out?
This thought used to fill me with dread, and honestly, make me want to puke.
And now, I know that it was my soul waking me up.
Pluto/Saturn going through Capricorn in my chart were waking me up big time, to see deep below the surface and look for authentic meaning in my life.
Look for integrity & truth of my personality. And no, the engineering job that I was really good at, was not the truth of me.
That is when I discovered Astrology. That is when I started to study my own chart and realized, OMG, there is GOLD here!
And the feelings of dread I was getting, I better pay attention to that and start to shed what is NOT true!
As uncomfortable and morbid as it seems, I started to put everything through a filter of ‘death’ (that is the other thing about Pluto, the topic of death comes up from the shadows where we avoid it and makes us face the truth of what we fear).
I would ask myself, if I were on my death bed would this really really matter?
What would really matter then?
My relationship to myself, my relationship to my family and my relationship to humanity in general, and how I BE and show up with a feeling sense of freedom & Authenticity.
And since then, my natal chart has been guiding me, to be more and more of who I am meant to be.

I created this 5-part video series on Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn that is IDEAL for this weekend with so much going on in Capricorn. Each video is between 5-13 mins, so won’t take you long to view. I invite you to check it out HERE.
It has a cool creative exercise that is perfect to do as a full moon release ceremony and it WILL ignite a new beginning for your life, so do it with intention.

And, if you are ready to live in integrity with your soul, if you are ready to figure out what your souls’ intent is for this life, reach out to me for a natal chart reading HERE.

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