What’s your relationship to your heart-mind?

Yesterday Mercury turned direct in the sign of Cancer. Did you feel a shift in energy over the past few days?
When a planet turns direct or retrograde, the days around that can feel confusing and you could feel out of sorts.
Mercury is the planet that represents the mental realm, our mind, our thoughts and how we communicate and express.
This faculty of thinking is considered largely masculine in nature, while that of feeling is feminine.
Our culture tends to look down on feelings and emotions but Mercury in Cancer, a very feminine feeling water sign, highlights the importance of our feelings and how we are operating in a lopsided way if we ignore our feelings.

I’ve been reading “I Sit Listening to the Wind” by Judith Duerek and this excerpt from the book really resonated with me, especially as Mercury in Cancer will highlight our feelings and bring us a deeper connection to our heart-mind.
“I am exploring how the Feminine thinking function might differ from the Masculine’s, how we might incorporate our new consciousness of ourselves as women with our inner Masculine side. Imagine what might happen in the next few generations if we approach our thinking with a separate womanly awareness: embrace our feminine feeling values as the very warp of our process…shuttle between mind and heart to weave a wondrous whole new fabric! She put down her thesis and looked at me with tears’ Thank You for your heart mind.””

Mercury in Cancer tells us to slow down and pay attention to the feminine aspects within us. See how our body communicates, how our feelings communicate, what message do we receive/express when we react in a certain emotional way. What are our ideas about security and safety, how do we communicate to ourselves?
Above all its telling us to pay attention to our heart mind–our hearts feel so deeply and yet if we keep ignoring those feelings, we suppress a large part of ourselves.

As Mercury turns direct and moves further in the sign of Cancer, ask yourself:

  • what insights have come to light in the past few weeks through your feelings?
  • How does this new awareness determine the next step for you?

As we all sit in this uncertainty that is 2020, its time to bring our hearts into the picture as we vision a new way ahead.

Mercury in your natal chart gives you huge clues on how you can communicate and express effectively in a way that is most natural to you! Mercury in an air sign like Aquarius/Libra/Gemini will show up very differently than Mercury in water sign like Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio, which then results in very different ways of communicating.
If you would like to learn more about how Mercury impacts your own chart & what is your intended thinking/communication style for you, reach out to me for a Natal Chart reading HERE.

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