What do you need to hold space for and nurture in your life going forward?

Earlier today we had the Cancer New Moon at 28 degrees Cancer. This new moon window lasts through tomorrow and is the 2nd new moon in Cancer (the 1st one was on June 20th/21st, at 0 degrees). Along with the full moon a couple of weeks back at 15 degrees ( Mercury Rx in Cancer, we’ve covered the entire range of Cancer in the past month!

My last article on the New Moon of June 20/21 has a lot of info on the Cancer archetype and is worth revisiting:

This new moon today is opposite Saturn in Capricorn.

What this translates to is: What do you need to take responsibility (Saturn) for nurturing (Cancer)?

If you know what your rising sign is, then this table below gives you an area of focus that is relevant for you:

Question: What do you need to hold space for and nurture in your life going forward?

Rising Sign/Cancer in which House: Area of focus

  • Cancer/1st: Self, develop identity, focus on Self. How do I need to nurture my own developing self-identity?
  • Leo/12th: Spirituality, subconscious patterns, release of karmic patterns. How do I need to nurture my faith in the unknown?
  • Virgo/11th: Community, new groups of people. How do I need to nurture my uniqueness & revolutionary ideas?
  • Libra/10th: Career, creative work that goes out into the world. How do I need to nurture my contribution to society?
  • Scorpio/9th: Education, exploration, travelling, expansion, belief system that allows you to expand. How do I need to nurture expansion in my life?
  • Sagittarius/8th: Resources, deep transformation. How do I nurture myself during this phase of transformation I am going through so I feel safe and secure when I come out of it?
  • Capricorn/7th: Relationships, balance in Relationships. Am I an equal in my relationships? Do I treat others as my equals?
  • Aquarius/6th: Sacred work, daily routine. How can I nurture a new daily routine that supports my sacred work?
  • Pisces/5th: Self-love, play, creativity, just being who you are so you can inspire others. How do I nurture myself to create for the joy of it?
  • Aries/4th: Foundations, home, roots, family of origin. How do I develop a sense of safety for myself and my family?
  • Taurus/3rd: Communication, expression. How do I nurture myself to express my true identity?
  • Gemini/2nd: Personal resources, sense of self-worth and self-esteem. How do I strengthen my faith in my own worth?

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