What blocks you from trusting in the universe?

Morning Star Venus in Gemini reaches the 1st gate on her descent to the underworld!

This morning Venus met with the moon at 13 deg Gemini, signifying she has reached the 1st gate or the crown chakra gate on her way to the underworld

Picture taken early yesterday morning, moon with bright Venus on the bottom left

This Venus cycle is all about Gemini. Her journey as morning star (she rises before the sun), is all about letting go of the blocks we have to feeling joy, lightness, creativity and fun.
The inner child part of us that just wants to play and has an excellent imagination!

Our world sure needs that right now, if we are to co-create a world filled with joy and magic.

The Crown Chakra gate indicates our connection to Oneness, divinity, deep faith & trust in something greater than us. 

Working with the crown chakra is powerful at this time.
During this next month, observe what insights you get regarding how you handle the unknown, how you feel when you go out in nature, how you are able to make decisions even you don’t have clarity.

I am leading a small group of wonderful folks on this journey in the course Expanding Magic! Which follows Venus & the North Node in Gemini (Magic) and South Node in Sagittarius (Expansion)!

If you have a lot of planets in Gemini or Sagittarius In you chart, this is a key cycle for you.

You can still join in on this 9-month journey, as all the recordings of our Gemini masterclass and 1st gate are ready & available. Contact me here if you want to expand creativity, joy and lightness in your life!

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