Mars – Is your inner masculine tired?

Mars the planet, represents the masculine within each of us.

When it goes through a particular sign, it expresses through the characteristics of that sign.

So for the next 6 months in Aries, it will highlight the qualities of Aries, first the shadow or what is suppressed, so we can transform it into its essence or highest qualities.

It reflects the state of the collective so even if you don’t have planets in Aries in your chart, consider how Mars’ journey brings to awareness issues in your own life.

The highest essence of Mars in Aries is the protector of cosmic order. Of balance and rhythm and all things good. Of the courage to trailblaze new paths.

We all have a masculine within us that gives us our drive to do things & motivates us to take action. The problem is, that over time our culture has taught us to view action as productivity and of value and inaction as not useful.

With the result, generally we can find it easy to just do do do rather than be.

We can find it easier to jump into action, rather than pause and tune into our intuition and consider:

  • is this the right action?
  • do I even need to act, or just wait a bit patiently to see how things turn out?
  • do I need to rest & bring back balance in my life, before jumping into something new?
  • do I need space in my day instead of cramming every bit of it with things to do?
  • am I really that busy, or do I need to pay attention to how I am using my energy?

As a result, our inner masculine may just be very tired. Tired of all the doing and no rest. It’s very hard for our inner masculine to do the things it is supposed to be doing, like upholding boundaries & protecting us, and pioneering new paths, if it’s so tired.

Some questions to think about:

  • is your own inner masculine tired of doing?
  • does he need rest?- is your inner masculine angry?
  • can you give yourself permission to just be rather than do?
  • what can you remove from your day to create more space?

What is your inner Mars conveying to you these days?

As always, if you would like help decoding your natal chart to make sense of the changes you are going through & look for the potential in this chaos, reach out to me a for a chart reading HERE.

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