Mars-Is your inner masculine angry?

As Mars goes through Aries,  we may see the shadow aspects of Aries come up, and some of those are related to aggression and anger.

Mars is the part of ourselves that helps us to be assertive & put boundaries in place to protect us. If those boundaries have not been respected, then we may feel a lot of anger within.

Anger has a huge purpose in our lives. And like other strong emotions, it is not something everyone is comfortable expressing or receiving.

Any transit with Mars, whether its collective or touching your natal chart will bring to attention the emotion of anger and make us very aware if its lurking underneath the surface & give us the opportunities to express it.

A few years back, Pluto in the sky started to go over Mars in my natal chart. Most people who have known me personally would have thought of me as a cool and calm person, never thinking I was capable of explosive anger. But when Pluto started going over my Mars, all those years where I had suppressed my emotions because I didn’t know how to express them appropriately, started to come up.  The problem here is that, if we dump anger on others, we risk destroying our relationships. But if we just stuff it in, we risk destroying ourselves.

Thank Goodness I knew that I was going through a life changing transit and that it was essential for me to get in touch with my anger so as to tap into an immense source of power within. I learned ways to release this anger in a healthy safe way. Not to dump it on others, not to shrink and stuff it in, but find the strength to express it with courage. The purpose of anger is to show us where our boundaries are violated and give us the strength to protect them. And once we are able to have a healthy relationship with this strong emotion, it gives us tremendous energetic strength and authority.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you aware of anger suppressed within?
  • How do you handle anger when you feel it yourself?
  • How do you react when you are at the receiving end of it?
  • Where are your boundaries not as strong as you would like them to be? With people, with time, with your health, with your energy?
  • Do you know if you are going through major life-changing transits? Anger is something that will be brought to the surface when we go through big planetary transits, and it is so important to use this incredible fire energy in the right way to transform rather than destroy. Reach out to me for a natal chart reading here if you would like to make sense of what life-changing transits you are going through and how to navigate them with grace.

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