Are you a Rule-Breaker?

We have several transits in the next few days that are most conducive to helping us to shift our perceptions and break the rules around which our life is structured.
Venus meeting with the moon at the 2nd gate(3rd eye chakra) of her underworld journey & Uranus turning Retrograde (both on Aug 15th) and the Leo new moon on Aug 18th.We are entering the land of sovereignty, telling you, you are the king/queen of your life. You make your own rules. What is the vision you have for your life & king/queendom?

Lets break this up to understand it:
Early tomorrow morning (Aug 15th) is the best time to catch Venus meeting the moon in the sky, signifying the 2nd gate of her Gemini underworld journey.
The next month is ripe for using our imagination to tap into a greater vision for our life. 
This Venus in Gemini journey is telling us to use some of Gemini’s strength, the ability to break rules & a healthy imagination. 
Drop any rules you may have around how your life should look like and allow your imagination to run wild a bit 😊

Make note of what blocks come to mind when you do imagine, because Uranus may just be able to help you out here.
Uranus the agent of unpredictable change says, open to a dramatic change in perspective that breaks you out of your old patterns!.
Meaning, that combining imagination with change in perspective, can allow you to see possibilities that you may not have considered before.

Then a few days later, the Moon and Sun meet up in Leo, with Mercury very close nearby.
This new moon can be an excellent new beginning in your life.
Moon/Sun in Leo say, get in touch with what energizes you and nurtures you.
Stop thinking about what you ‘should’ do. You are the sovereign leader of your life. Your own true authority. What is YOUR vision? What do you SEE for your life? What makes you come alive? What brings vitality to your life?
Break the rules around what you think you should do and think of new ways to live your day to day life with passion & purpose!
From that space see what you would love to bring into your life in the next year. 
Have fun with this process!
This day can feel very buoyant due to the Leo energy. Take advantage of this to spark a new beginning in your life, one that truly honors the beautiful unique soul that you are!

PS: If you would like to get clarity on your vision for your life, a natal chart reading can really help you to get super clear on what the next steps are so that you are living in soul alignment. Reach out to me here if you are interested.

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