Loving your uniqueness-Aquarius Full Moon

Today we have a powerful full moon in Aquarius, opposite the Sun in Leo at 11 degrees, squaring Aquarian Planet Uranus almost exactly! Lets understand what each of these mean for us.

Aquarius is unique and different from the status quo. It has the ability to rise above and see the big picture very clearly. This ability allows it to see possibilities that others cannot. If you have significant Aquarius in your natal chart, you know that area is where you can see a different perspective from others, a unique viewpoint that can be applied for the good of all. Something that many others stuck in their everyday routine cannot see, and could very well benefit from.

But it requires courage to be able to see things differently from others and more importantly say it aloud! We are so wired to fit in, that often Aquarians can be seen as rebels or just plain weird. This is where Leo comes in.

Leo is our ability to shine in the spotlight, fully and authentically and inspire others in the process.

The full moon in Aquarius, with Sun in Leo tells us to love ourselves so fully, that we have the courage to shine our unique authentic self with ease and grace, even if it means standing alone.

Uranus, the planet that is most resonant with Aquarius energy, is known as a change agent, shaking up our perspective, shattering outdated views so we can awaken to our greater self, our genius! What has come to your awareness now that changes your outlook of something in your life completely, that is waking you up? It can seem radically different from the status quo, helping you to see life from a very different perspective.

You may not know, but apart from being an Astrologer, I’ve been a Computer Engineer for the past 20 years, in a leadership position for the past 8 years. And in recent weeks, I’ve been communicating with the folks in the Engineering part of my world about Astrology and how I developed expertise in this.

This is asking me to completely love myself (Leo)and show up in all my unique authenticity (Aquarius) and not hide the spiritual part of my identity in a world where the mental realm and logic hold rule.

My engineering career was full of success and accomplishments. But a few years back, I reached a point where it all felt empty. And I asked myself:

  • Is this all there is to life?
  • Why don’t I feel alive and excited about life?
  • Why do I feel so sad all the time, despite having accomplished everything I ever wanted?
  • Do I even matter? If I were to die today, what would I regret?

I knew deep down, that there was tremendous potential in me. And that where I was currently, was not activating a lot of it. And that fact was making me very very sad.

Apart from my logical, intelligent, focused side that achieved goals and got things done, there was a deeply creative side, that loved to play with paint, that loved to spend hours in nature, that loved to help people see things from a bigger perspective so they could get unstuck, that craved to interact with people on a heart-to-heart level. That was tired of the rat race and wanted to feel free to be who I was really at my core. The Aquarius in me (uniqueness, freedom, big picture thinking, helping others own their uniqueness) was really wanting to come out!

Well, this is where astrology came in. Astrology helped me to wake up to my brilliant potential. And I figured out how to start to change the karmic stories that were causing me to be stuck. Connecting to my natal chart has really helped me develop my unique strength, which is helping people awaken to their own potential, using Astrology as a tool through my readings and Power of Balance coaching program.

In this full moon energy, search out all the places where you don’t express your true self. And then make a resolve, to love yourself to allow your true brilliance to emerge and express your uniqueness (Aquarius) with courage and joy (Leo).

PS: Stay tuned, I am working on free series called Secrets in Your Natal chart that will help you see why its essential for you to understand your Natal Chart thoroughly, in order to fulfill your own potential.

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