Are you going through big change?

Mr. Mars has just turned retrograde today till Nov 13th.
This means that our actions in the next few months will need to be deliberate and thought out.
Very unlike the spontaneous Aries energy that Mars in Aries likes to be in.
It will have to go slow and steady.
I’ve written plenty about this HERE.

Are you going through big change?

I was speaking to an Engineering friend last week who was telling me about her work day and of a feeling of sadness that has been coming up for her.

That she is working so hard, but not feeling the joy of accomplishment, even for the things she used to enjoy doing at work.

This friend does not really know much about Astrology but as I listened to her share her feelings, I knew deep down that she is probably going through some major transit at this point in her life.

On asking her a few questions, it turned out that she is turning 50 and so I knew is going through one of the biggest transits a person goes through in their life, called the Chiron Return.

A major checkpoint in her life, that each of us go through around the age of 50.

I explained to her what a Chiron Return means, how it impacts her, what sort of situations it can bring up and what the next step is to start to work with this transit consciously.

I worked with her to show her how to honor this transit and its intent.As she listened to me she said she resonated with all that I was saying and that she had been ignoring those impulses for so long.

This is why I do the work I do.

It is to guide people through life changing transits, when even they may not realize how significant that period of life is meant to be for them.

And that how they handle it and the choices they make during the transits, sets up the tone for the next phase of their life.

In this particular case, the outer signs were that of:

  • feeling overworked,
  • feeling pressured to do more and more
  • but not feeling the joy of accomplishment and joy the work used to give and
  • yearning deeply for more meaning in their day to day work.

Now, this is probably a pattern that has been building up for years, and it doesn’t show up overnight; nor does it only show up for those turning 50!

But when we go through these key transits, the pattern becomes too obvious too ignore.

And if we are not aware of these turning points in our life’s journey, or we ignore it and try to just ‘ride it out’ without changing the patterns causing us discomfort, we risk emerging from that phase without receiving the full gift of the transit.

I help you see the potential of tough transits.

A tough transit will always be tough till you know what its intent is and what you are meant to be doing and then actually having the courage to make the changes in your life.

Here is what Regyna from USA had to say about her Natal Chart reading with me:

Over the years, I have studied astrology from different angles, although mostly from that of trying to understand my sun sign. As I have delved deeper into my birth chart, I found that there are so many layers of relationships between the planets and how these relationships can help us to find clarity around our personal life path and specific motivational drivers. What brought me to Swati was wanting to understand my North/South node relationship further, but what I got was so much more. Her knowledge of navigating a natal chart and how to combine learned information with intuitive guidance to help you find deeper meaning in your chart is invaluable. While some of what we discussed was in relation to how the planets aligned with my chart at that current moment in time, she also explained things that occurred years ago and things that I’m only starting to see glimpses off which will unfold over the next few years. I have now watched our session 3 times and learn something new each time. Having the recording to refer back to is an amazing gift all on its own. Whether you are just beginning to understand astrology or have a deeper relationship with it, I highly recommend working with Swati. Her presence is kind, patient, and extremely wise. 


It would be my honor to support you during your life’s transitions.

Reach out to me for a reading here if you would like to gain more clarity and support about the changes you are going through.

PS: Mars in Aries is a big transit that impacts how we set up our foundations for 2021 and beyond. If you have planets/angles/nodes in Aries, or are just generally feeling the energetic intensity of these times, a chart reading can clarify so much and help show us a pathway ahead.

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