Virgo New Moon and September Equinox: Preparing for change

Are your habits and routines supporting you?

We are in a massive void all the way through Dec 21st. The practices, choices, decisions, routines you have now matter. We just had the Virgo new moon on the 17th, with a lot of the Earth signs activated. The new moon was in trine (which means in harmony) with Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, so you might be seeing the structures in your life continuing to change.
These are 4 things I so deeply appreciate about the Virgo archetype (if you have Virgo planets in your chart, you might resonate with the following):

  • Virgo sees the sacredness in the mundane everyday activities.
  • Virgo has an immense capacity to handle the details of our life. All the nitty gritty details that can get so tiring, that can get so automatic that we take them for granted and maybe even come to resent.
  • Virgo can find immense dedication required to do its sacred work.
  • And perhaps the most important quality of Virgo, she is VERY in tune with the timing of one’s life, the seasons we are going through and how best to navigate the seasons in harmony with nature.

This season we are collectively going through is much like winter. Where things are needing to die, to be put to rest, so that we can prepare for the Spring ahead. It is hard to be in tune with the energy of Spring, the rebirth, if we don’t allow ourselves to let go of what is not serving us, and don’t rest. How can you transform your outlook on this particular time in your life? How can your see this period as a necessity to allow more aligned growth in your life? What do you need to let go of?

This is a time to use all the tools you have in your toolbox. For me personally, I have been journaling a LOT. I love Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, they really help me de-clutter my mind very effectively. And I also journal often to get guidance on my next best step, knowing that through the act of writing I am communicating with a deep source of inner wisdom.

Your everyday activities and habits direct your days forward. Virgo is so beautiful at helping us infuse our daily routine with sacredness, with meaning, with a deep knowing of the earth’s rhythms and what is out of balance. As the September equinox approaches, this is a significant period in helping us get very clear about what is not in harmony in our lives. The equinox brigs in a fresh energy and of course signifies a seasonal shift.

This particular equinox may bring up to your awareness where life is terribly out of balance. We have Mercury (planet of communication) squaring Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn, as well as entering shadow period (karmic zone it goes through 3 times during its retrograde motion), which means that the themes coming up for you this week are particularly important to pay note to. The relationship issues that come up now are not to be ignored and swept under the rug; particularly as it relates to how you communicate and express what matters to you.

The habits & routines you set up now will build and expand once Saturn meets Jupiter on the December solstice. So use this time to do a major spring or fall cleaning as the case may be. Clear clutter from your home, your mind, your body, really all areas of your life and start to incorporate what you truly desire that is in alignment with who you are becoming.
Being in tune with the timing of your life means being aware of the planetary transits activating your chart. How you respond during these times is so important in helping you get through it with the best intention possible. Reach out to me for a chart reading if you would like more insight, HERE.

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