Truth and Power – The next 6 weeks are critical

October started off with a bang, with the Aries Full Moon conjunct Chiron, bringing up our triggers around power. Bringing to our face, situations where we feel we are not in an equal relationship with others.Then:

  • on October 4th, Pluto, the planet that represents authentic personal power and truth and nothing but the truth,  turned direct. 
  • Mars squares Pluto on Oct 9th (prickly day alert!)
  • Mars in Aries opposes the Sun on Oct 13th, starting a brand new 2-year cycle emphasizing Aries.
  • Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, on Oct 13th, the same day as Mars opposing the Sun (another prickly day!)
  • Pluto is going to go past 22 degrees Capricorn and meet Jupiter for the last and final time on Nov 12th at the same point where Saturn/Pluto met on January 12th earlier this year and ignited the transformation of 2020. Talk about going out with a bang!
  • Then Mars in Aries turns direct on November 13th.
  • Finally, we have the Scorpio new moon on November 14th.

Whew! The next month builds to a dynamic and possibly explosive new beginning in mid-November.

This period is a significant turning point in our personal and collective history. All these planets and signs are related to personal Power and Truth: Mars, Pluto, Aries, Scorpio. Capricorn represents the true wise authority within each of us and the structure that holds us up. The structure that is currently undergoing massive transformation due to Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter shaking things up.
This period from now till the Scorpio new moon is an intensely karmic time, meaning that ancient patterns are coming up to be resolved and changed forever. This is particularly true if you have planets in any of the above signs.

It’s going to get unbearable to sustain anything that is not true to you going forward. The work you do on your inner self in the next 6 weeks could change your life forever. 

It’s important to ask yourself:

  • What is true in my life and what is false?
  • What is false is likely dying away very obviously. Am I allowing it to fall away with ease or am I resisting it like crazy? Or worse, am I ignoring it, hoping it will get better?
  • Am I willing to step into courage to start a brand-new phase of life for myself?
  • Do I trust in the unknown or am I rushing to console myself with the familiar even though it no longer represents who I am becoming?
  • Am I supporting and loving the person I am becoming?

Every experience we have, of lack of power, is because we don’t fully step into our truth, the authentic self.

Heck, we often don’t even know who our authentic self is, because we are bombarded with messages of who we should​ be.

Of who others expect us to be. And we try to fit in. Or bend over backwards to make everyone happy at the expense of our own truth.

Well, we are going to be entering the age of Aquarius when Saturn meets with Jupiter on Dec 21st 2020.

The age of honoring the unique within each of us is right at our doorstep.

We cannot remain true to our false self anymore. It will have to die. And we will need to summon the courage to let our beautiful unique authentic inner essence to emerge. Because anything else, is too suffocating. 

My Power of Balance 3-month program powerfully helps you to own your uniqueness and express it with courage and joy.

No more hiding your true self.

No more feeling like a fraud.

Stand in your relationships from a place of strong personal power.

Feel the incredible relief and freedom of being YOU.

Are you interested in learning more about this? Connect with me HERE.

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