Aries Full Moon

Today the moon peaks at 5.05pm EDT with the Moon at 9 degrees Aries and Sun at 9 degrees Libra.

This moon is conjunct Chiron in Aries. We also have Saturn that is direct finally and just squared Mars yesterday (possibly you had a prickly day?) and Pluto which will turn direct on Oct 4th.What does it all mean?

Anytime we have an Aries full moon, it’s about the self (Aries) vs other(Libra). Libra is about honoring the relationship and all points of view.

Having equal balanced relationships.

But, here is the main point: we can’t be in a balanced relationship with others, if we are not in our own power first.

We need to embody a healthy Aries, to be in a healthy Libra relationship. This full moon may highlight to you, sensitivities (Chiron) around where you don’t feel an equal in your relationships. Where either, others are not honoring your point of view or where you are not honoring their point of view. This may bring up a tremendous amount of emotion, because any transit with Chiron triggers these sensitivities a great deal.

The Saturn/Mars square from yesterday, would have brought to your notice where you are clashing directly with someone else. So, what is all this telling you?

Since this is a full moon, and full moons signify completions or release, ask yourself, if some chapter in your life needs to come to an end.

This is not an easy time by any means. But Aries tells us, its important to own our identity, to know what cause we are committed to, to be all in the battle we are fighting. And then ask, what needs to let go so you can get clear on this.

Mars in Aries is Retrograde, so this can result in a lot of buildup of emotion. From now till the time Mars goes direct (Nov 14th), it is wise to start taking aligned action of some sort.

Aries being a fire sign CANNOT stay stagnant. So be aware of these:

  • If emotion is building up for you, find a healthy way to release it or move it. 
  • Move your body, breathwork, tapping etc are great
  • Start taking aligned action towards your goals. What do you have clarity on? Can you start to take small steps towards it? 
  • Remember during the Virgo New Moon, we talked about the habits & routines you have, that will be important during this time of void? Any aligned action you take with consistency will build up in momentum by the time Mars turns direct.

I’d love to hear from you, what is coming up for you during this full moon?

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