WHO do you want to be?

Feb 11th brings us a New Moon in Aquarius with Venus Conjunct Jupiter along with a rare stellium of celestial bodies in Aquarius.

A day to pause, and really get clear on your intention for this year – WHO do you want to be, HOW do you want to use your gifts and WHAT is the next step forward that will take you towards this new you?

Along with Moon and Sun at 23 Aquarius, we also have Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury (Rx), Pallas and Chariklo providing immense energetic support to help you break free from who you thought you were and help you step into who you are meant to become in this lifetime.

As we sit in this powerful new moon, each of these planets is having their say. Let’s listen to what each of them are asking us:

  • Saturn: Inner Soul Authority. What did your soul promise it would create in this life? Saturn always seeks to remind us of that, and will start to remove distractions if we veer away from that path.
  • Venus: Heart’s Desires. Awakening you to accept and love your own value that inherently comes from your uniqueness. Living in alignment with your values, and not someone else’s and honoring your unique hearts desires. How can you develop a relationship with your unique self and value your own gifts more?
  • Mercury Rx: What inspiration are your receiving from the ether? What opportunities are you perceiving that can help you write a new story? How can you change your perception to honor your unique gifts?
  • Jupiter: Dharma or life purpose. How can you do more of what you love to do and infuse your actions with your unique soul gifts? How can you develop the faith that these unique gifts are exactly what the world needs?
  • Sun+Moon: Energy + Emotions. How can you align your emotional energy to set an intentional focus on WHO you are going to be?
  • Pallas: Intelligence & Strategy. What practical strategy will help you to take a big step forward towards this new you?
  • Chariklo: Healing. How can you invite the new while honoring the old and hold a strong space for your authentic soul essence to emerge with grace?

So, the Aquarius new moon, is asking us to take responsibility for fully owning our unique gifts and coming up with a practical strategy to start to express it in a way that uplifts the human consciousness for years to come!

PS: If you feel this year holds tremendous potential for you, and you would like to explore a new path for yourself, I invite you to check out Power of Balance, a program which is designed for those going through life-changing transits, to help you birth a new YOU!

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