When everyday life gets disrupted….

So, it’s come and gone, the very 1st of 3 Saturn Uranus squares that happened last week on Feb 17th.
Just like the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunctions in Capricorn of 2020 were what jump started and then deepened the changes we felt in 2020, the 3 Saturn (in Aquarius) Uranus (in Taurus) squares are setting the stage for manifesting more radical change in 2021.

I’m always curious after an event like this happens, to see how it played out. It helps me to synthesize my experience, understand how these energies work as well as prepare for the next installment of it.
Not live in fear of it, not hype it up to expect bad things, but to observe it from a viewpoint of a neutral observer to see how it plays out in the collective as well as my life.

And wow, at least in many parts of the US, it was quite the week!
We saw it manifest as a winter storm that quite frankly disrupted life for many.

Lots of unexpected stuff to deal with..
so typical of Uranus, breaking patterns, breaking routine and ..
really pushing us to deal with the immediate reality in front of us, which is the work of Saturn.
There was no escaping the responsibility that this time brought (Saturn) and…
having to focus on the absolute essential thing that needed our attention at the moment (shelter, water, food–our physical reality, Taurus).

There was no energy to waste here with this kind of transit.
We had to conserve everything we had.
I felt it was like Saturn was telling us, learn how to use earthly resources in an efficient way, don’t waste them!

If you were affected by the storm, my heart goes out to you.I hope you are safe and warm and have electricity and running water.
I know that for many their experience was having to roll with the unexpected. Deal with bitter cold, with no electricity and water for some time.
Here in Austin where I live, we did lose some of that at various points in the week. And we made the most of what we had.

And yet I also want to reflect on some beautiful things that happened despite how intense it was.
We don’t get snow of this magnitude in Austin, so it was definitely (hopefully) a once in a lifetime kind of situation!
And I tried to stay present through the experience.
What I remember now is…

  • the beauty of snow, all gone now leaving no trace of it!
  • when outside for a few moments I saw deer footprints in the snow, that was so cool!
  • birds playing in snow
  • my kids trying to make a fort
  • scary looking icicles
  • conserving water and heat as much as we could
  • shutting off the main water valve every night with my husband became a ritual
  • shoveling snow in containers to conserve and reuse resources because water was shut off through the city
  • relishing with gratitude when we had heat and hot food!

Quite the week!
So, note what came up for you.
We have 2 more such squares and some of this energy may be carried over so we want to be prepared to handle what comes up the next time around (June and Dec). How did you experience life last week?
Would love to hear from you!

PS: This week’s episode of Star Signs with Swati is HERE. I talk about the moon’s journey along the zodiac this week, and how I came to be an astrologer and transformational coach!

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