Action-packed week ahead!!!

Its an action-packed week focused on identity, relationship to yourself, and your relationship to others!
Your sense of personal power comes under the spotlight.
The week starts with Venus (representing feminine qualities within all of us), entering the sign of Aries for the next 3.5 weeks – the sign resonant with personal identity & power.

She is on a quest to find herself.

On Thursday, Venus meets with the Sun, in the underworld, implying that she is shedding an old form, an old identity and getting ready to form a new one.
It’s never easy going through change, particularly when it’s so close to our deepest self, and how we view our own selves.
This is a critical part of Venus’s 19-month cycle around the sun.
It’s the midpoint of the cycle and key because our deepest values, desires and sense of self are changing completely.
It’s followed by Venus meeting Chiron (the asteroid that represents our sensitive points, and wounds, and more importantly, healing & gift underneath the wound).
On the same day, we have the Libra full moon opposite Sun/Venus/Chiron in Aries.
This puts a spotlight on our relationships:

  • How do we relate to ourselves?
  • As your identity, values & desires change, how does that affect your relationship to others?
  • Do you feel seen and heard in your relationships?
  • What wounds does that trigger?
  • What needs to come to an end, so that you can bring back equality and harmony in your relationships?
  • Do you have the courage to walk out of an unhealthy pattern that is not honoring you?

This is a week to walk consciously, coming on the heels of the Equinox, as it’s setting the tone for the next several months.
And Mars conjunct the North Node in Gemini, shows us many different opportunities to head towards our destiny.  

When we go through life-changing events, our deepest values change.
This ultimately creates a shift in how we show up and consequently our relationships.
Times like these can feel chaotic and destabilizing.
The #1 tool that I keep going back to is my natal chart to understand the deeper dynamics (& karmic aspects) in relationships and how I am meant to show up during and after the change.
In Power of Balance, my signature program, we go deep into your 5 superpowers hidden in your chart that make up 5 foundational parts of your personality, and lovingly harmonize these parts of you.
Life-changing transits tend to shift our identity and this program helps you to solidly identify who it is you are meant to become during and after the transits.
And when you come from a strong sense of your own self, your relationships will automatically reflect back to you that certainty and respect. You feel seen and heard. You can hold your own in any relationship dynamic, with love and neutrality.
I designed this ground-breaking program after my own experiences with Pluto/Chiron/Neptune transits in the past 6 years that completed shifted my identity, solidified my self-worth and gave me crystal clear clarity on who I am.

Contact me here if you are interested in knowing more.

PS: the reality is that our relationships are like mirrors. To experience harmony, equality and respect in our relationships, we need to experience that within ourselves first. Power of Balance helps you with this. Contact me here and I’ll send you the details.

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