Letting Go & Story of personal change…

Venus (planet representing the divine feminine)  is currently in the ‘underworld’ and met with the Sun exact early today. 

The underworld cycle is that of shedding what we have outgrown, trusting that our true authentic self will emerge as we do this

When she is with the Sun, it means there is massive purification happening, and a letting go of old identities, ideas, beliefs, thoughts, emotions. 

It can be an emotional but healing time as you give space for your true self to shine. You might also be seeing that your relationships are undergoing change as a result.

So today/tomorrow are great times to spend time in the Sunlight with Venus and contemplate consciously what you are letting go and welcome the new into your life.

Powerful tool

Working with the Venus cycle is one of my go-to tools for personal growth, since 2015, and has brought me many many gifts.

Last year in June 2020, when Venus started a brand-new cycle in Gemini, I decided to a lead a group through it (Expanding Magic-The Descent) rather than just go on a personal journey by myself. 

I knew that it would stretch me but also take me to the next level of evolution, apart from creating wonderful opportunities for change for those that come along. 

That has proved to be completely true. 
After 20 years of being an engineer/manager, I’m closing that chapter of my life and beginning a new chapter in a more heart-aligned role. This is a big identity change for me, to be seen in this new role and not what I have done for the past 20 years. But I also know that it’s time to move on.

The courage I summoned to be absolutely honest about what I want, put myself out there and ask for this opportunity still amazes me. I can honestly say, I have felt completely held by the divine feminine as I walked this path.

And my experience in this Venus cycle shows me yet again, how powerful it is to work with her.

Venus is in the underworld for a few more weeks and then on May 3rd, begins her ascent to embody her new self.

I’m going to be leading a group once again, in Expanding Magic-The Ascent from May-Dec.

I’d love to have you join us for this magical journey!
You can find all the details as well as an early bird offer and super cool bonus HERE.

PS: If you are wanting to step into your own authentic identity strongly, working with the Venus cycle consciously is an easy and fun way to do that. Find out more about this here.

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