Are you feeling like a new person?

How are you doing, with these amazing new energies coming in? It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. In between the 2 eclipses (Lunar Eclipse on May 26th and Solar Eclipse on June 10th), I was on a beautiful road trip with my family, to Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountains. After we returned home last Tuesday, I got busy with usual household chores, laundry and general catching up with life. During the trip, we didn’t have internet at many places we stayed.

It was one of the most soul nourishing trips we’ve taken as a family…there was lots of time spent outdoors in fresh air, hiking, playing in the snow (Beartooth and Rockies), playing in the sand (Great Sand Dunes NP) and playing in the streams and rivers of Yellowstone NP.

And I realized that even though we didn’t plan it that way, it was the perfect way to spend time between the eclipses, and allowing the body to integrate to the magnificent energies coming in.

After I returned home, I’ve not felt like writing much.
The Solar Eclipse on June 10th was really something. I’m feeling my body adjusting to a new landscape of energy since then.
I feel different and can sense deep change occurring beneath the surface, even though change in my personality is something I am familiar with, given how my natal chart has been activated in the past 6 years.
What’s dominant is a feeling of deep peace and even joy that is becoming more frequent.
I thought I’d share with you some key things to keep in mind and heart as we go through a highly charged period of adjusting to life after eclipse as well as an incredible Solstice coming up on the 20th.

  • Pause to acknowledge and feel this new vibration. The energies coming in during the eclipse tunnel and after are very strong. Its super key to slow down and allow the new energies integrate, as they assist us to release the old and start creating a new reality. Removing distractions, time in solitude, silence, nature and spending time in natural bodies of water like the ocean & rivers, really helps.
  • Honor your body: These transits and energies they bring in affect our bodies at a cellular level. Our bodies may take time to assimilate these energies. Amp up self-care during this time.
    • Dietary changes may be needed. What used to give you comfort, no longer may do so. See what your body needs in this NOW. I personally have been feeling nauseous, which is a signal from my body to change something in my diet. To that end I’m drinking way more water than before, having more fruits/greens and removing dairy from my diet.
    • Also, way more rest is needed. If you are not able to get much sleep at night, daytime naps may help a great deal.
    • Salt water soothes the soul; warm epsom salt baths may help detox.
  • Tune into what is dropping away. This is again a key part of the process of integration, because the end result of these transits is to eliminate what’s out of alignment and bring us back onto our desired path very quickly. Questions to help you see what you’ve outgrown:
    • What is shifting in your life?
      • What has dropped away? People, interests?
      • How is your perception different? How is your world expanding?
      • How are you integrating? How are you taking care of yourself?
    • What is of most value to you now?
    • 3 ways you are doing things differently today than even the last 2 weeks?
  • Create anew. Don’t forget to do this! Rather than get caught up in what’s falling away, shift your focus to the present and future and start creating, visioning, dreaming of what you would like to experience next! Creative, right brain activities can help absorb the new energies. Tune into:
    • What do you want to experience?
      • What lights up your HEART?
      • Your wildest most joyful dreams-what are they?
    • What fears would you need to overcome, to have full freedom of expression?
    • Gemini message: I saw Raven many times, this particular one visited us frequently outside our cabin in Yellowstone. I rarely see Fox and yet this one happened to be standing by the road and when we stopped, came around our car and looked at us a while. I associate both Raven and Fox with the Gemini archetype. The feeling that seemed most strong during these times was that Vibration matters! Tune into your vibration, what affects it, how you can raise it and START creating the new in your life from a high-vibration place.

  • Train your body to feel the vibration you want to experience. Actively FEEL peace in your heart. Breathe in slow and deep and FEEL the feeling you want in the heart. The heart is going to be key going forward as Jupiter completes its Aquarius journey and enters Pisces at  the end of the year. The feelings in our heart are key to our experience as the heart’s magnetic field is what attracts situations into our life. So actively train your body to feel the vibration you want to experience.

Hope this helps and you are able to utilize this new energy to experience peace and joy and aliveness!
I’ll be back in a few days to talk about the Solstice and how to prep for it.
And if you’d like to learn more about these beautiful transits shaping our lives, click HERE to sign up for a free 7-day trial and subscribe to view the special editions of Star Signs with Swati that empowers you with a toolbox of practical wisdom.

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