A week to pause

The week started off with Solstice followed by Mercury going direct (22nd) and then the mid-week Capricorn Full Moon with Venus opposite Pluto Rx (24th) and will end with Neptune turning Retrograde (25th).
Whew, that’s a LOT for one week!
This can show up as “one step forward 2 steps back”, or it can be a smooth sailing experience of bliss, depending on what you have going on in your own natal chart.

A great week to slow down and integrate.
So much has happened in the past 6 months, since the December Solstice when Jupiter met Saturn.
In fact, much change can be felt even in the past month consisting of 2 eclipses, Solstice and a very active Mercury retrograde period.
We may not even know who we are anymore!
Let’s pause here and recap the past 6 months, and give ourselves a chance to integrate all these changes!

Journal on the following:

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I’m feeling like expressing in new ways and still exploring what that means for me. To that end, I am going to give Instagram a try and invite you to check out Activate Your Truth and Power on Instagram.

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