Are you desiring a deeper connection?

If you watch the moon this week, it is inviting us to dive into our hearts.
The Pisces Moon meets Jupiter and Neptune, both Retrograde, bringing up longings of deeper connection to the heart and the divine within and without.
We have seen so much change in our world and in ourselves in the past year and even in the past few months.
It’s becoming clear, that going forward, superficial stuff will not do.
A deeper connection is necessary and not a luxury anymore.
Jupiter represents our dharma, our soul’s purpose and Neptune represents our connection to the Divine Creator.
Ask yourself how these aspects play out in your own life, and what is shifting underneath the surface.
Where are you desiring to connect more deeply and experience more heart-centeredness: with yourself, your relationships, your career, your life purpose, your soul?

Pisces is the sign that connects us:

  • to the wisdom of our soul
  • to the divinity within
  • to a viewpoint that we are all connected, our human race and
  • allows us access to have that experience of oneness.
The Soul Wisdom Exchange Summit: Our journey is more enjoyable when we travel together!
July 7-11, 2021 - Free registration

If you are looking for any or all of the above, I have a fun invitation for you!
I’ve been invited to participate in The Soul Wisdom Exchange, a FREE, 5-day virtual event created by Regyna Curtis of Atmaitri.

Participants will experience 10 soul wisdom exchanges between soul-guided entrepreneurs sharing their individual paths towards identifying, embracing, and sharing their unique gifts and soul wisdom.

Soul wisdom is the way our soul communicates with and guides us as we navigate the journey of our lives.

There are many languages through which this wisdom is communicated.

As we journey to understand our own ways of knowing and being, we gather tools, and practice using our own soul languages as we engage with other travelers. We are all teachers for each other.

Over the course of the Summit, we will explore some of these languages, including creativity, body wisdom, intuitive communication, energy, and soul guided entrepreneurship.

And if you know me, I’m passionate about working with Astrology, one of the Soul’s tools to indicate its intent in this life.

I will be speaking about why ‘Mid-life crisis’ is a super important turning point in our lives, how our Soul speaks to us VERY loudly during this time and what to do when you find yourself at this crossroad!

Come explore with us and see what wisdom you will activate within yourself.
Sign up for FREE HERE.

PS: Each speaker offers a gift that you can apply to your life right away to hear the guidance of your soul. Find all the details here.

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