Feeling Disillusioned? Or Inspired?

On Monday, Sep 20th, we have the Virgo Sun opposing Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, a full moon that is also in the window of the September Equinox on the 22nd.
If you are feeling a sense of disillusionment, confusion and a sense of pointlessness, at the state of things, personally or collectively, you might be tapping into the Neptune energy which is amplified.

A few things to keep in mind & heart to help move through this phase with ease:

  1. Lean into the discomfort
    Let yourself feel it all.
    Transits like this invite us to release all that we are falsely identified with.
    And that can bring up a feeling of loss, sadness, grief, frustration etc
    Give yourself a safe space to feel the emotions coming up.
    Tool #1 from Toolbox for Turbulent Times can help with this.
  2. Connect to a higher purpose in whatever way resonates with you
    Nature, creativity, divination, meditation, journaling.
    What is your idea of a something greater than you, the greater mystery?
    This is the time to focus on this area of your life.
    Tool #2 & Tool #3 can support you here.
  3. Tap into the power of surrender
    Not giving up, but developing a trust & faith that something larger is at work behind the scenes.
    Having the humility to admit that we don’t know it all. And patience that it will reveal at the right time.
  4. Tap into the power of the imagination
    This is key.
    During these times, it helps to remember that what you think and feel on a default basis is what is shaping reality.
    Let your visions be of the highest energy and essence.
    Rather than focusing on all the ways things are going wrong, activate the power of your imagination and feel into the highest possibilities.
    This is how we turn dreams into reality.

May this time reveal to you your highest path in life and may you have courage to walk that path.

From a cloud of confusion to clarity
If you are at crossroads in your life, if you are running into more questions than answers, if you are looking for support on your journey, a comprehensive natal chart reading can provide immense clarity for the next step ahead.
Simply connect here if that calls you.

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