Prep for a powerful week

The month of October starts with a bang, with powerful transits designed to move us ahead.
Here are 2 things to keep in mind & heart, to prepare, so that we move ahead in the direction of our choice and not fall into old patterns.

Remove distractions:

  • Eliminate distractions that just suck your energy. That means don’t pack your schedule so tight that you don’t have time to pause & reflect.
  • Things that are done on auto pilot–do they really serve you or is it time to let them go?
  • Watch for where you get pulled into duality and get polarized (right vs wrong, me vs you, ). Note if this really matters to your journey. If not, take a deep breath and choose to let it go.
  • This week, it will help greatly to pay attention to how you are directing your life force energy
  • Apply it towards the stuff that really matters to you and to your life journey

Take time to prioritize visioning:

  • Expand the possibilities for yourself and really tune into where you might be limiting yourself
  • Limiting beliefs coming up? Do the good inner work to dissolve them, so you can perceive more beyond the current limitations.
  • Being bold is the theme this week.
  • Where can you take even a small action that takes you beyond your perceived reality?

I cover all of this & more in the latest Star Signs with Swati episode on High Vibe TV. Subscribe or check it out for free for 7-days HERE.

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