How will you honor your unique expression in 2022?

Coming out of the Sun square Uranus on Jan 30th, today’s Aquarius New Moon conjunct Saturn activates the Saturn Uranus square that was the dominant transit of 2021.

A really good time to tune into what is your unique talent and skill and how can you express it in new ways in the coming year.
The rules that we base our lives on are changing.
Its time to do something out-of-the-box and really honor your unique expression in this incarnation.

Take a look at the essence and shadow qualities of Aquarius to see where you need to focus your energy.

February Outlook:
The 1st half of this year amplifies the Water energy, which represents the emotional realm.
It will be a key energy to learn how to surf, in order to experience flow in our lives.

I go into this in detail in the February Outlook video, posted in the FB group.

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