How do you use your most important resource?

How are you doing?
Here we are, starting the 3rd month of the year already.
The 1st 2 months of 2022 have hardly felt like months, more like years, with so much happening in the external world!

March promises to be no different.
There are big transits this week.

The 1st week of March starts off on a strong note with Venus/Mars conjunct Pluto, Mercury conjunct Saturn and the amplified Pisces New Moon.

How do you use your life-force energy?
We might often think that ‘TIME’ is one of our most important resources.
But in reality, its our ‘LIFE-FORCE energy’ that is the most important resource available to us.
And how we use it, determines how we create our life.
This theme is coming up very strongly in March and April.
Find out more in Star Signs with Swati.

Topics covered:
– Venus/Mars conjunct Pluto: the right use of life force creation energy
– Mercury conjunct Saturn: Anchoring your vision in the physical realm
– Pisces New Moon: Visioning a unified future
– March Practices to stay sane and centered

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