Life after the Eclipse Tunnel

We are deep into the Eclipse Tunnel with big energy changes almost everyday.
This is the norm, as all Creation is getting purified, inviting us to create our lives in a different way.

This month’s Sacred Timings with Swati contains:
– Calendar of transits for May 2022. Keep this handy so that you can be aware of when energies amplify
– All you want to know about the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in passionate Scorpio! Also included is how different transits add their flavor to the eclipse, and how you can utilize this energy to align with your highest path
– May practices of Impeccable Communication and Spiritual Maturity
– Also talks about Mercury retrograde, Jupiter in Aries

What is next for you in your life path?
If you would like support during this time of great change, reach out for a natal chart reading that can illuminate what parts of your chart & life path are being activated and best strategies to align to your soul intent.

Click HERE to request a chart reading.

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