How are you feeling post-eclipse?

We are in some pretty big energies that came in during the eclipses.

You might be feeling a wide range of energies, tired physically, mentally, emotionally or maybe you are surfing the intensity like a pro and feeling incredibly excited about what’s ahead!

In the FB group, I posted this poll on what your experience might be:

– Excited about life & making time for my passions!

– Deeply grateful, weeping with joy!

– I honestly don’t know

– Struggling, emotionally and/or mentally

– I feel like I’m in a dream

– I don’t know who I am anymore

– The path ahead is not clear anymore

– All of the above!

Below I expand on all the above experiences, with a recommendation.

As always, please run this through the guidance and brilliance of your own heart, and take what resonates, leave the rest.

Struggling, emotionally and/or mentally

Please know that if you are here, its totally normal. Eclipses are ‘unreal’ times, when the light is magnified for the purpose of accelerated evolution.

The light touches all our systems, right down to the cellular level and brings to the surface of our awareness all that is not in order in our life. Yes, this is why eclipses bring up karmic patterns for healing, because karmic patterns are nothing but unresolved patterns held in the cells of our body.

If we have not been used to moving our emotions, then it can all come to a head during these times. Even if you are doing emotional clearing, depending on what is going on in your natal chart, all things unresolved will come to the surface.

There is no judgment here. All that is needed is a willingness to recognize this and do the work of clearing it, then directing the energy by retraining our systems; to clear the old to make way for the new.

These are some of the systems that may need to be ‘retrained’.

Mind: to slow down the rhetoric and engage the higher mind to actually take advantage of the light to create the new. This means being super aware of your thoughts/words/speech/language etc. If you find yourself going down a negative train of thoughts, stop right away. Start using language that represents what you want to create rather than indicating what you don’t want.

Ego: to let go of fear & judgment and be ok with the unknown. This is a gift when the ego starts to support the process rather than keep us in the old.

Emotions: to clear the lower level emotions so we can physically hold more peace and joy and love in our bodies. This is not a cliché, but is actually happening and is possible to experience.

Body: to welcome and absorb the new light with ease and not panic or overturn it.

The light affects our nervous system greatly and that’s how it gets distributed to the body, through the nervous system. If we are not aware and sometimes even if we are, this can up the anxiety because, remember, the body holds ancients patterns that are being invited to change and evolve during this phase. And we all resist change, even if we know its good for us 🙂

Talk to your body to accept the new light. And yes, our body is SUPER conscious and is hanging on to every word/thought 🙂

Remember to move your body often during this process, to distribute the energy. Use whatever form of physical movement that resonates with you. Ground often, with bare feet on the earth. Being in the grids and fields of nature can help greatly with this process (also expanded below).

This requires us to slow down and do something different. Retraining our system takes practice.

If you are familiar with my work/coaching style, you know I don’t sugar coat the reality of the emotions or how much commitment this process takes. This is something I guide my clients through, reach out to me if you would like to know more. Regular emotional, mental, physical clearing is a must to keep moving through this process, AND to see the incredible benefits at the end of it.

See this video for more info on why everyone needs to do this clearing at this time of evolution.

Another note on this clearing process. Its often a balance between ‘clearing’ and ‘directing’.

Clear direct clear direct. If you stay in the clearing without directing, you may find yourself stuck and its equally important to move ahead in addition to clearing the old.

I honestly don’t know; I don’t know who I am anymore; The path ahead is not clear anymore

This is so so normal. If you are here, please know all is well and this is actually a good thing.

Over the past months & years, our old self has been falling away. It’s like shedding layers of clothes. If you have been used to many layers, then letting go of a few can make us feel exposed and odd, that can trigger the anxiety at the falling away of that layer.

The intensity of the light (whether you can see it or not) is such that its clearing away our old self.

Not just karmic patterns, but our old ‘signature’, patterns, likes and dislikes, creations, contracts, priorities. Of course this would mean that we don’t know who we are anymore!

And, we may feel like we are in a dream, because things are not clear. We are left with what can seem like a blank slate and of course that can make our mind/ego/emotions panic at the perceived ‘lack of form or certainty’.

Recognize this is a training ground for what is ahead: Our ability be totally ok with the unknown, uncertain and to be able to create from pure PRESENCE of our turned-on hearts.

It does get easier and even enjoyable to be in this without losing what our minds perceive as productivity or certainty or security.

a. To work with this, first, take an honest inventory of your life.

Pay attention to where there is just no more energy. What we feel as lack of clarity about ourselves or our path ahead, many times is just lack of energy towards what we are accustomed to doing and this is extremely purposeful in this accelerated evolution phase which is inviting us to create our lives differently.

Let go of what is an old desire, which may now be just the mind or ego holding on to the past desire, rather than what the heart is desiring in this NOW.

Again, it comes down to what is TRUE for you in this NOW? What is making you feel ALIVE NOW? Not last month, last year etc

Let yourself feel the grief of letting go of the old unmet desires or old self. It can often feel like a loved one has passed on. And its important to let ourselves grieve that, to not carry the grief into the new self.

This lack of energy may be giving you a message, maybe it’s time to do things differently. You’ll be getting subtle or strong messages about what needs to go or change.

This needn’t be drastic changes, often small baby steps do the trick.

Really trust that message…and start to make changes that you are guided to make.

Without the change made in our physical, we may feel stuck.

Take a look at the Sacred Timings with Swati video for tips on what to do when this happens.

b. Spend time in nature to open your fields to something new-your new self or new path

Nature is where the magic is happening.

Integration is so key to allow the energies to settle and your body to catch up with the change in light.

The light affects the nervous system. And this may trigger anxiousness.

Being in nature allows your mind to relax, emotions to settle, body to feel peace and this is a perfect way to support your entire system to assimilate the new light without throwing up objections in the form of anxiety, fear doubt etc. It really harmonizes your entire system.

And by spending time in nature, I don’t mean 5 mins here or there, I mean large amounts of time in the solitude/silence, immersed in the grids of nature—feeling the breeze, allowing the green of the trees/plants to wash over you, soaking in the bird song, enjoying the silence, giving your system a chance to perceive the new light, open the hearts and FEEL the PRESENCE.

Allow in stillness, the new you to be revealed, being open to never before seen/done things.

Really making this a priority can make a big difference.

If your life is structured where its busy busy and attending to tasks all day long, ask yourself why you want to create that without having space to pause?

Making this a priority is how we start to carve our life out of the busyness into a more spacious and free existence.

Remember, what we experience depends on our perception, which is also being invited to change in these new much are we willing to acknowledge and welcome in the new? This is one of the many realities presenting to us…our willingness to slow down and engage with it, allows it to be revealed. Your free will choice on where the focus is matters a great deal to the experience you have.

c. Break the routine as much as you can.

Take action, even if its a small one to try something new that truly sparks your heart!

The heart is KEY in this new energy.

No ‘shoulds’ about what we need to do – pause when you find yourself doing things that you feel you ‘SHOULD’ do but there is no energy.

It has to have heart resonance or else the path ahead may feel so much harder than it needs to be.

Again, you don’t need to drastically change things, small baby steps of change may work more effectively. Maybe a mental reframe or language change, maybe giving yourself permission to let go of emotion, maybe moving the body to allow stuck energy to flow, maybe doing something unexpected.

Eg I find that I no longer enjoy many things I used to, including the way I report on astrology. What is sparking my heart nowadays is nature and the desire to draw in nature (thanks Melinda of for igniting this new interest!). And I AM making time for this new to present and guide my way. In fact, I usually trust and follow those quiet messages of change and they guide me to my next step in the most delightful of ways.

Breaking up your routine will

– sharpen your awareness to new things,

– allow the mind and ego to be more flexible about change and also

– fire up the positive emotions of curiosity and excitement about the new.

All of which allows you to make positive change in an easier and more enjoyable fashion.

And then take the practical steps to anchor that insight about your path.

Excited about life & making time for my passions! Deeply grateful, weeping with joy!

If you are here, this is wonderful!

If the tears of joy come, let them fall!

Continue to focus on what brings you peace and happiness, take steps towards anchoring your passions and when you feel grateful, actively radiate it out to all of humanity 🙂

That’s it for now!

I’d love to hear what this sparked for you.

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