The Power of Water

We just had the exact Cancer new moon a couple of days ago and the Sun is in Cancer for a few more weeks.

The essence of Cancer, a water sign, is all about holding a nurturing space, for something to grow, to heal, to change, even when the change is messy!

Consider how you canwork with the water element to deeply nourish yourself in these unusual times, full of twists and turns.

Water can be gentle, rejuvenating, refreshing, playful …

It  also has IMMENSE strength, able to carve through rock simply by being  & flowing…no matter how hard the obstacle in front of it.

We can lean into the innate strength of water, and the essence of this dark of the new moon:

May the power of water infuse you with strength and love.

I recently returned from a family roadtrip through the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado.
Deeply grateful for the beauty, stillness, peace and calm we experienced during this trip. I’ve been sharing pictures and snippets of the trip in the FB group and Instagram .

Being in nature for large periods of time really helps the body to anchor the new energies that are flooding the planet, making it easier to utilise them.

You’ve not heard from me in a while as I have been slowing down to integrate the internal changes I am going through.
In coming weeks, I’ll share with you how my services are evolving and what is new on my path ahead (lots to share that I’m very excited about!!).

Warm Regards,

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