Celebrating Completions and Radical Recalibrations

Last week’s Capricorn Full Moon made several aspects that provide the energy of completion.You can utilize the energies this month to take inventory of your life & acknowledge what is coming to an end:

  • Celebrating what is resolving, completing, and moving on to a new state of being
  • Planning on what new mental, emotional, physical, spiritual structures will support that new YOU and
  • Meeting the new consciousness that invites us to experience higher realms of Gaia that are already present and waiting for us, with enthusiasm, honor, respect and love. See new video on the Uranus/North Node/Mars in Taurus transit coming up on July 31st/Aug 1st, that provides a big shot of forward moving momentum towards freedom and spaciousness, for more on this!

In my own chart, Capricorn falls in my 12th house, amplifying the theme of resolution with the old.

I AM feeling this big time, as my interests and path ahead are shifting to accommodate who I am in this now moment.

Creativity is a big one for me, something that is wanting to expand greatly, way more than what I have allowed myself prior to this moment.
Sharing the pics below, of the new projects coming online for me.

Stay tuned for more updates on Legend Clan Cura!

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