How would it look and feel if your highest expression was shining through?

Today the Sun in Capricorn conjuncts Mercury Rx.

This is the midpoint of the Mercury Rx cycle, where much can be illuminated about your life if you invite that insight in.

A good time to receive guidance from these energies by tuning into this transit or meditating with the Sun.

What would it look like if your highest expression (Mercury) was shining through you (Sun)?

This transit happens to be almost exactly conjunct my natal Mercury, so it is activating a deep soul desire of expressing as my highest self and clarity on how that manifests in all aspects of my life including relationships, career, soul work, creativity and my relationship to Divine Creator.

This entire Mercury Rx cycle in Capricorn has been very insightful for me as I work on bringing the curriculum of The Gift of Your Authentic Voice to form.

Recognizing that this course is part of my legacy work and claiming that insight has been powerful.

And that realization in turn is informing how the curriculum is shaping the course, to be a strong loving container where authentic expression can flourish!

If you are wanting to activate aligned soul expression in 2023, I invite you to check out this course here.

Pic below: Sun at the time it was near my natal Mercury through clouds.

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