Illuminating Full Moon to jumpstart the New Year

2023 started off on a determined note to reveal the truth behind our deepest soul desires, with Venus conjunct Pluto on Jan 1st.

And today Jan 6th 6.07pm EST, the moon is full in Cancer (16deg22), with the Sun conjunct Mercury Rx (almost midpoint of Mercury Rx cycle) in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus.

Time to break out of the box!

A day later, the waning full moon will oppose Pluto, amplifying the truth around expression & communication, as well as the shadows that block our authentic self from shining through.

What is being illuminated to you at this time regarding your Soul’s expression?

Sharing a painting I did over the last week of 2022 as I prepared for leading my new course The Gift of Your Authentic Voice.

A version of my Muse who is the voice of fierce and discerning truth, always guiding me to my highest path with integrity.

And today she wants to speak with YOU!

She asks:

·        What wants to awaken in you in this new year?

·        What new skills want to come forth?

·        How will your expression evolve, change, flourish?

·        What does your Soul want to express through you?

·        How will you honor this Soul desire?

This is a good week/end to tune into the above questions.

And if you feel called to really break out of the box and activate your soul’s highest expression, take a look at The Gift of Your Authentic Voice: transmuting the wounds & blocks around expression into authentic higher expression.

Using my skills in astrology & coaching, working with the wounds related to Chiron/Saturn/Pluto in the natal chart, as well as my passion with Intentional Creativity, this course is a culmination of my own journey of the past 6 years, and direct experience in transforming the wounds to joyful self-expression! Click on the image for the details. There is an early bird offer till Jan 23rd.

And may this beautiful year of 2023 illuminate to you your own radiance! ️

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