Libra Full Moon – can you relationships benefit from harmony?

Tonight the moon is full in Libra (16deg 07 min Libra) at 12.33am EST.

Its an active full moon with many aspects, including  Moon opposite Chiron/Jupiter in Aries and Mercury conjunct the North Node in Taurus.

Libra, in its highest essence, is about healthy, equal partnerships, relationships and conscious connections from the heart.

But for healthy Libra to be present, healthy Aries (its opposite sign) needs to be also active.

Healthy Aries has a strong self-esteem and is not coming from a place of selfishness OR lack of personal power.

For there to be balance & harmony in relationships, all parties must come from a  place of equality and a strong sense of Self as well as mutual respect & honor.

The full moon is opposite the Sun, Chiron & Jupiter in Aries.

This can highlight places in your life where the balance is not there, where relationships hurt and you crave harmony.

Look to Mercury conjunct the North Node in Taurus to work with this energy.

Communication, simplified and solid are important in relationships.

Even if it hurts (Chiron), support yourself to speak up where needed, with kindness.

Even if it’s just to yourself, journaling, toning, speaking, singing can all help to express what you need to.

Break things down into their simplified essence.

What exactly do you need, to experience stability and harmony in your relationships?

Get clear in your mind and heart and then with respect and honor for all concerned, share your thoughts.


I received many emails while I was traveling regarding The Gift of your Authentic Voice and if it was too late to join.

Due to my personal circumstances and traveling schedule, the course started later than I had originally planned.

In short, it’s not too late to join.

We have just completed Module 2 where we did a deep dive into the energy of Chiron/Pluto and Saturn.

If you felt the intense energy of Saturn/Pluto/Chiron transits during the month of March, you will learn solid strategies in this course to work through them.

Module 3 starts later this week.

If you are interested in joining, there is plenty of time to catch up and here are all the details:

The course info says it will complete on Apr 5th, however, that will now push out to the end of May.

I will be holding a live call in the next few weeks for QnA and a creative workshop in May.

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