Aries New Moon – Is your inner fire burning cleanly?

We have an activating new moon in Aries which is amplified by it being a Solar Eclipse, on April 20th.

What makes you feel alive these days?
I’m really feeling the exuberance of the Aries energy – The flowers, fresh green foliage on trees, colors, fragrances – such a great time to be alive!
Its inspiring me to be outside and soak in all this goodness. Also inspiring me to paint more which always bring me so much joy.
Painting pics shows acrylic on watercolor paper, it’s a work in progress.

Is your inner fire burning cleanly?
Aries being a fire sign, has a lot of innate power, that can effectively jumpstart something new.
But if our inner fire is not burning cleanly, we may experience this intense energy as burnout rather than a positive driving force.
The latest Sacred Timings with Swati is full of strategies to work with this eclipse tunnel in an intentional way, so you may experience the gifts of this beautiful portal and awaken a new expression with joy.
Check it out HERE.

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