Floral blessings to You!

How are you doing post-eclipse?

We are out of the eclipse tunnel, Mercury turned direct at 5deg Taurus last night and Jupiter will enter Taurus tomorrow & immediately square Pluto in Aquarius, all in the window of the Taurus new moon on Friday May 19th!
Whew, this is a major amplification of all things Taurus (Earth sign) and our relationship to the physical world.

3 things stood out for me during this eclipse season:
My body needs help to adjust to the new light: For me personally, this has been the most physically intense eclipse energy I’ve experienced. My body has been needing a lot more rest, hydration, movement and time in nature than I previously remember.
This means slowing down and listening to the new needs of my body have been so essential to keep my energy moving and helping it to integrate the new light.

Greater access to aliveness! When I’m not feeling tired or sleeping, I’m noticing a greater life force energy flowing through me. Creativity is amplified and I have ideas rushing in, vying for attention to be brought into form!
Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but most of the time, I have an underlying sensation of enthusiasm running through me, about all the brilliant possibilities ahead! My Muse of Playful Brilliance is playing overtime!

Gaia, oh beautiful Gaia! My awareness of the beauty of Gaia is heightened. I’m noticing more birds this Spring and hearing new bird songs and the colorful flowers in full bloom brighten each day. It just seems like a layer of cloudiness has been removed and I can see more clearly. Everything in nature seems more vibrant this year.

I feel this is a precursor to the Taurus energy that will be a focus for the next year as Jupiter tours this beautiful grounded earthly sign. I will cover this in the next Sacred Timings video.

Kindwhile, here are some floral blessings from my Muse of Floral delight!

How are you doing? What are you experiencing in this extraordinary time?
I’d love to hear from you!
Warm Regards,


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