Meet my Muse of Playful Brilliance!

Welcome to May! Where have the months of 2023 gone?!
I’ve been noticing a different experience of time, as if the number of hours in the day are the same as before, and yet it feels like it’s way shorter than 24 hrs!
Are you experiencing that too?
Just a side effect of the numerous energetic changes we are going through during this eclipse tunnel!

Meet my Muse of Playful Brilliance!
I’ve been deeply immersed in the Intentional Creativity Color of Woman Teacher Training and last week I practiced a process called ‘Amused’ that I will be walking the participants in The Gift of the Authentic Voice through.

This delightful but impactful process helps to heal the fragmentation between our wound and wisdom and what emerged was my Muse of Playful Brilliance!!

This entire journey of Color of Woman has been transformational and I am noticing consistent access to joy because of the daily painting, no matter how little time I spend on it every day.
What stands out for me though, is the attention I now pay to the symbols and shapes that I like to draw and paint. This seemingly simple thing, is giving me access to play and whimsy.
This is a part of me that I tend to deny because of all that Capricorn Mercury and Mars in my natal chart, which tends to be overly serious and frankly, sometimes pedantic, haha!!
But the Muse tells me, that its now time to come out to play more and I’m excited to see how this will show up in my paintings and writing 🙂 Stay tuned!

This insight is so timely as it occurs during Mercury Retrograde in an eclipse window, thus providing access to a whole lot of subconscious stuff hidden beneath the surface which can now be brought out into the open, to transform.
Just the sort of magic that eclipse tunnels and the Scorpio energy brings about!
Check out this latest Sacred Timings with Swati, a brief 13 minute video to work with this retrograde.
And if you missed watching the Eclipse tunnel video, you can catch it here prior to the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse that happens on May 5th.

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