Astrology Chart Reading

Times of transition can bring up a lot of uncertainty. We can also end up feeling stuck or blocked because clarity is not present. It’s at these times when getting an astrological reading can give you a very clear picture of what is going on and what next step you need to take.

There are 2 options. Both reading sessions are 1 hour long and 200 USD.

Full Natal Chart + Transits: I highly recommend this if you are getting a reading with me for the 1st time. We will cover:

  • Natal position of all planets and their intent
  • Major transits activating your chart and their intent & themes. Dates for key transits.
  • Practical strategies to work consciously with the transits
  • How to energize and nurture yourself during this time of change
  • Your style of communication and how to communicate effectively so you are in integrity with yourself
  • Clarity on your values and desires, and motivation for taking action on your desires
  • Understand how you could be sabotaging yourself, karmic patterns and blocks

Transits, Progressions, Solar Return: Please note this is only available if you have already had a Full Natal Chart reading done with me previously. We will cover:

  • The transits activating your chart and their intent & themes. Dates for key transits.
  • What is the consciousness being awakened in you through these transits
  • Sabotaging patterns to watch out for
  • Strategies to work through transits consciously
  • How is your expression changing at this time of transition

I will need your date/time/place of birth to create the chart. All calls take place via Skype or Zoom and are recorded. Request a reading below:

 If you are looking for support and a path forward I highly recommend working with Swati in her Power of Balance program.

She has the ability to get to the core issues and expose it with so much love and compassion, and she helps show how to resolve it. She is incredibly gifted with blending her strengths of holding space, reading your astrological chart and creative solutions that literally release your old patterns. 

After many years of trying therapists, healers and astrologers, working with Swati helped me to see my inner light shine again.

Wende B, USA

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