Astrology Chart Reading

Times of transition can bring up a lot of uncertainty. We can also end up feeling stuck or blocked because clarity is not present. It’s at these times when getting an astrological reading can give you a very clear picture of what is going on and what next step you need to take.

There are 2 options. Both reading sessions are 1 hour long and 200 USD.

Full Natal Chart + Transits: I highly recommend this if you are getting a reading with me for the 1st time. We will cover:

  • Natal position of all planets and their intent
  • Major transits activating your chart and their intent & themes. Dates for key transits.
  • Practical strategies to work consciously with the transits
  • How to energize and nurture yourself during this time of change
  • Your style of communication and how to communicate effectively so you are in integrity with yourself
  • Clarity on your values and desires, and motivation for taking action on your desires
  • Understand how you could be sabotaging yourself, karmic patterns and blocks

Transits, Progressions, Solar Return: Please note this is only available if you have already had a Full Natal Chart reading done with me previously. We will cover:

  • The transits activating your chart and their intent & themes. Dates for key transits.
  • What is the consciousness being awakened in you through these transits
  • Sabotaging patterns to watch out for
  • Strategies to work through transits consciously
  • How is your expression changing at this time of transition

I will need your date/time/place of birth to create the chart. All calls take place via Skype or Zoom and are recorded. Request a reading below:


Big big shoutout to Swati Kameswar🙏🙏🙏 This Woman is a Genius in grounded spaceholding and reconnecting people with their deeper truth! I am forever grateful to have you as my coach and I want everyone to know how epic you are in what you do!

Lucya, Germany

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