Becoming You

To feel fulfilled in life you have to be able to express your uniqueness with joy.

If you have something inside of you that is hidden and not able to come out with ease, you are likely feeling stuck or blocked in some way.

Most of us are wired to look outside of us from a young age. Peers, family, friends, media, perceived authority figures, all have a big influence on our lives. As a result we can get lost in looking outside of ourselves for fulfillment.

So how do you feel fulfilled? By being yourself, unapologetically and joyfully!

I believe the natal chart is hands down the best tool you have at your disposal for knowing yourself. It holds big clues to your personality and purpose in this life. If you are feeling out of place or stuck in life, or feel deep down that you are not living up to your full potential, then studying your natal chart and becoming that is your way out of the confusion!

How do you think? How do you communicate? Are you understood by others? Or do you hide your true thoughts and feelings because you feel no one will understand?

What is it that your truly value in life – you, not what you think you value based on opinions of the external world.

Are you spending your precious time and energy on what you value, or satisfying outside influences and external authority figures?

Do you know how you give your power away? How can you reclaim that so you can finally live your life the way you want? In integrity with your soul’s intent for this life.

Do you know the things you fear the most have hidden underneath one of your greatest sources of power? And by courageously uncovering that you can live your souls’ intent and find yourself more fulfilled and empowered?

All these clues and more are present in your chart. Once you start to study and embody your chart, life will never be the same again. You will feel energized and fulfilled!

I invite you to check out my offerings here, all of which help you to know yourself and become your unique authentic self.

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