The Week Ahead: May 27th to June 2nd -Spotlight on our self-worth and self-authority

May 27th: The Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, sextile South Node, Pluto and Saturn. Gently dissolving the old hurts and releasing old emotions is easier today. Allow Water to nurture you. With Mars in Cancer it is easy to provide yourself a safe space to feel the emotions that may be coming up. Neptune and moon says forgive, let it all go, let it flow.

May 28th: The Moon enters Aries and trines the Sun. A good day for movement and taking inspired action.

May 29th: The Moon squares the nodes in Capricorn and Cancer, and then Saturn and Pluto. A heavy day emotionally. Let go and let grace. What will really nurture you? What is getting in the way of providing yourself with exactly what you need? Watch what emotions come up for you today as anything to do with Saturn (authority) and Pluto (inner power) is a theme that is going to be repeated many times this year in preparation for the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Jan 2020. Whenever the moon makes aspects to these 2, it is highlighting exactly what we need to transform in our life so we can bring in something new, more authentic to our soul’s journey on this earthly plane.

May 30th: Venus in Taurus sextiles the North Node and trines the South Node. Today the energy is helping us to move towards a future that nurtures and honors our intrinsic value while also simultaneously letting old structures fall away that are outdated.

May 31st: Moon trine Mars helps us to take solid action in that emotionally safe direction. Venus trines Saturn. Are we being our own authority and valuing our self-worth? Or is a lack of it getting in the way of owning our own power? Are we building a future towards what is in integrity with our soul’s desires? Or do we let external authority figures dictate where our action energy is spent?

Jun 1st: Moon conjunct Venus. Yesterday Venus trine Saturn helped us get clear on our own sense of authority in our relationship. Today the moon reflects those feelings. We feel safe and secure in the knowledge and feeling of our own self-worth.

Jun 2nd: Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn. Deep seated emotions come up to our awareness about how we handle power in our life, that ultimately feed our sense of self-worth. Moon sextiles Chiron giving us a chance to uplift our thinking and change our perspective around our own sense of self.

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